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Get Started on APIs in your Marketplace

The steps below detail how you access the API's and start building on your solution.

Get your Client ID & Secret

  1. When you upgrade to a package with API access, Arcadier will give you your client ID and Secret Key
  2. Access your admin portal, login to https://{mymarketplacename}
  3. Go to your Account Info.
  4. Your Client ID & Secret will be displayed on the bottom of your account info (seen below).

From a security perspective, these credentials are sensitive – please treat them with the same caution that you would treat a private key or root password.

Trying API Calls Using Swagger

  1. Ensure that you are logged in to your Admin portal https://{mymarketplacename}
  2. Using the same browser go to https://{mymarketplacename} (the end "/" is important).
  3. Our full list of available APIs can be found in the left column of the swagger page.
  4. The parameters, response type and response message will be shown in the right column of the page.

The API parameters will reflect the marketplace type selected during your marketplace sign up. (i.e. Retail & Goods will give you BESPOKE APIs while the other 4 will give you SPACE/TIME APIs)

Some APIs such as 'Item search', 'Item Detail', 'Categories' can be used without any user authorization (logging in). Simply click on [TRY] to get a response.

Trying API Calls Using Swagger

Other APIs such as 'Order history', 'Order details', 'View carts', 'Add an item to shopping cart', 'Update a cart item', 'Remove an item from shopping cart' and 'Check out' require authorization.

  1. Click on [ OAUTH ] on any of the APIs listed above and you will the following pop-up:
  2. Select admin and click [ AUTHORIZE ].
  3. Login again with your Google credentials used for your marketplace.
  4. You will be redirected back to the swagger page with an access token (shown below).

This access token will expire in 5 days, however it's recommended to save the access token somewhere, as you would have to key in the token again upon refreshing the swagger page.

5. After keying in the access token, you can now start calling the API by hitting the [TRY] button.

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