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Arcadier Marketplaces APIs allow you to customize your own marketplace look and feel using our safe, secure and reliable platform.


Bespoke Marketplace API Reference

Arcadier's Bespoke Marketplace APIs is your go-to resource for building marketplaces for a multi-vendor cart shopping experience!

Space / Time Marketplace API Reference

Thinking of developing a rental or booking based marketplace? Use Arcadier’s Space / Time APIs to develop your preferred experience!
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Enterprise Clients

Not a developer but want your own custom marketplace? Learn more here!

Expert Partners

Work with us to build custom marketplaces for our Enterprise Clients.

How it works

Arcadier’s API’s allow you, our Sandbox Users, complete control over the look, feel and use of our marketplace platform. A marketplace is different from other e-commerce platforms, as it is a multi-merchant stage allowing for countless vendors to be listed in one place. It is not just one single storefront - it’s a whole marketplace!

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User Portals

In order to use our APIs to the fullest extent possible, it is important to understand the structure of a marketplace, which consists of three portals:
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Where the marketplace operator configures system wide features.
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Where sellers identify themselves and upload items for sale.
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Where consumers identify themselves, buy and track their purchases.

Marketplace Types

The other aspect of our API’s that is crucial to understand are the different template formats
available for any marketplace. These are known as ‘implementation types’ and are the
backbone structure of the marketplace and determines how merchants sell their goods.

These types include:



Purchase unit is a unique goods.

Marketplace examples: Etsy

- Retail Goods




Purchase is a function of location and time

Marketplace examples: AirBnb

- Retail Goods (search by location)

- Space Rental



Purchase is a unit of time.

Marketplace examples: TaskRabbit

- Service Listing

- Rental Goods (search by keyword)

You should bear in mind the context of the marketplace you are aiming to create and select the type appropriately as it will affect the APIs you will be using.

Why use Arcadier’s APIs?


Get up and running in less than 24 hours! Sure, you could build from scratch, but why bother when our dedicated team with over 120 years of combined development experience has been focused on creating this product over the last 3 years? Not to mention, we are continually maintaining and adding improvements, so as you grow and need more features, it is likely we will already have a solution waiting for you!

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We have an assurance of 99.9% uptime and strive to ensure it. For API bugs and support, we have a forum where issues and resolutions are socialized and a helpdesk system for general faults.


Every piece of our system is available to you in our sandbox. The sky is the limit and you have the ability to build anything you want on top of our APIs. We also offer a custom Javascript feature that allows you to deliver any functionality needed without having to completely rebuild any of the portals, or make inor modifications or integrations easily.

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Try our APIs for yourself!

Gain full access to all our APIs and try them out via our swagger documentation.

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