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Scoperta - Wine Discovery Made Simple

Every brand must find the value proposition that resonates with its target audience. Scoperta! a digital wine marketplace, is connecting curious wine drinkers with curated small wineries across the country; Farm to Table Wine for wine. Its more than just a transaction. Its about the experience of discovering great wine from incredible winemakers. No subscription fatigue. No more wine clubs. Just the flexibility to order great wine when and how you want direct from the winery.

Scoperta CEO and Co-founder, Adrienne Fasano said there is a general disconnect between buying and exploring wine online. She observed, As a lover of wine & discovery, I was never excited to buy wine online. I became frustrated & disappointed of the transactional nature of the industry.” 

Discovery involves personal and physical journeys 

Our Taste Team led by Dan Pilkey, Chief Wine Officer & Sommelier at Scoperta, takes the guesswork out of great wine finding you wineries too small to go mainstream but too good to ignore. According to Pilkey, Scoperta doesnt actually sell wine, its in the discovery business”. Thats a colorful way of saying the joy of discovery and learning is an essential part of the customer experience for wine-lovers, like fresh rhythms and melodies inspiring music-lovers. Of course, Scoperta offers beautiful wines. Yet, these are built into an immersive customer experience that respects the journey. To place Scopertas innovation into context, there are over 11,000 wineries in the United States but fewer than 2,000 are accessible to the average wine drinker via retail. Essentially 2% of the largest wine producers control over 90%of the wine market, leaving many small to mid-size wineries with an inefficient way to reach the wine consumer. There is an immense amount of quality in this boutique wine sector that is reasonably priced. Thats why”, Pilkey implored, we created Scoperta to be the voice of the small, distinct, incredible wineries of this country." 

Matching the most flexible and powerful marketplace technology to an experiential” brand  

There was an untapped opportunity to leverage new marketplace technology to increase access to Americas eclectic winemakers. The marketplace technology platform had to enable a beautiful front-end design and architecture befitting an experiential brand. The complex transactional processes between buyers, sellers and the site owner (Scoperta) had to be seamless, 100% resolved and ready to roll-out. This made choosing Arcadier easy, according to Fasano, because, it offered unmatched functionality out-of-the-box, in its core SaaS product. We wanted to focus on refining and perfecting, rather than wasting precious time and money building from scratchArcadiers marketplace platform suited Scopertas high brand expectations.” 

Killer wines, ordered online and shipped directly to customers from small, amazing wineries. No warehouses, no distributors and no added expenses. Its a crisp business proposition with compelling weight. Gary Ramsell Co-Chief Executive Officer at Arcadier said, Scoperta chose to evolve accordingly with Arcadiers modern, smooth marketplace solution. We operate in the background allowing them to fulfil their ambitions and grow their marketplace in a straightforward and coherent manner.” 

Arcadiers growth in North America is surging in 2022. According to Brian Conn, Sales Director for the Americas, Scoperta showcases how Arcadier can bring strong brands to life in a true marketplace platform that is simply the next generation of eCommerce.”