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THE LNK - Unique Fashion Overseas


THE LNK Announces Partnership with Arcadier for Marketplace Software.

THE LNK, a unique affordable luxury marketplace, founded by Sonya Gill in 2019 bridges the gap between customers seeking unique clothing, accessories, and beauty that would otherwise be hard to source, purchase and obtain. This issue is particularly apparent in North America where many of those of diverse cultural backgrounds simply can’t find brands and styles from their native land. As part of its mission to expand into Indonesia, Dubai and Africa, THE LNK is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to enhance its offerings and better serve its customers. After careful consideration, Arcadier, renowned for its advanced technology and proven track record in helping businesses was chosen to launch and grow THE LNK’s online marketplace.

"We are excited to partner with Arcadier’s marketplace software and feel it will help us to better serve our customers and expand our offerings," said Sonya Gill, CEO/Founder of THE LNK. "Arcadier has a strong reputation in the industry and we are confident that this partnership will be a valuable asset to our business as we continue to grow and evolve."


THE LNK understands the significance of styles and designs that are synonymous to different cultures and the frustrations that many face when trying to purchase them, and are constantly expanding on the variety of brands in categories such as women and men’s fashion, accessories and beauty. This figure is expected to reach as many as 5,000. These brands are hand-picked through THE LNK’s screening process; any brand can apply to become a seller but not every brand is a suitable fit.

Sonya Gill elaborates on this “A lot of brands will come to us, but we need to make sure they’re not making items in some sweatshop and paying people just pennies. Pay them well, be sustainable and make sure your pictures are exactly what the customer will receive in the package. We take care of all the packaging”

THE LNK is mindful of issues that sellers are facing and strives to facilitate these challenges. Many online sellers understand how awkward overseas returns are, these problems are alleviated through ‘E-shipper’ and THE LNK’s return policies. THE LNK handles all of the shipping and customer returns (T&Cs apply) where they are managed in their New York and Toronto Warehouses. The aim is to have fluid transactions and returns making the process seamless and enjoyable.


Arcadier is a leading provider of marketplace software, offering a range of customizable solutions for businesses looking to launch and grow their own online marketplaces. With a focus on user experience and a suite of powerful tools, Arcadier's platform is designed to help businesses succeed in the digital age.

"We are thrilled to be working with THE LNK and to have the opportunity to support THE LNK’s ethical and sustainable mission growth through our marketplace software," said Gary Ramsell, CEO of Arcadier. "Our platform is the perfect fit for THE LNK's needs and are excited to see what the future holds for this partnership."