Where buyers of a product or service in a marketplace are enterprises, it's a B2B marketplace. This demands unique functionality to suit the transactional demands of Enterprises. Along with its unique 3-portal solution - one each for Buyers, Sellers and Administrators, Arcadier's B2B platform offers procurement and supply-chain features designed specifically for Manufacturers, Distributors and Wholesalers. These include powerful standard features such as bulk and spot-price negotiation, buyer and seller communications, minimum order quantities, unlimited payment integrations, buyer and seller vetting, variable commissions, customisable invoice protocols, private and public marketplaces and multi-level vendor authorisations.

As such, there exists a great diversity of consumer marketplaces, including many global enterprises seeking to grow brands and consolidate new digital distribution channels.

Flexibility is Power with Arcadier

Flexibility is Power with Arcadier

Arcadier is a proven B2B performer and its B2B marketplace platform is built for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. Having launched more marketplaces globally than any other marketplace platform (10,000+ marketplaces in 170+ countries selling 5m+ products) and worked with unilateral organisations like the UN on global distribution of pharmaceuticals for non-communicable diseases and global powerhouse Bepenza, Arcadier has a depth of experience customising complex B2B marketplaces.

Our sophisticated software engineering offers unmatched OOTB B2B functionality; API-based adaptability; SaaS speed and scalability and Professional Managed Services to meet the most stringent customisation, integration and support standards.

It's why we say Flexibility is Power with Arcadier.

Arcadier's B2B Marketplace Platform Delivers:

Sophisticated Engineering
Transformation of Your
B2B eCommerce Business
  • Build a Strong Marketplace Ecosystem - where customer journeys are proven over a decade and constantly updated on a SaaS platform that needs no upgrades
Out of the box functionality
Alignment with Changing
Buyer Expectations
  • Customers Want Fast & Easy-to-Use Solutions to research online, make purchases, track their orders, and reorder
  • Close The Gaps Within Product & Service Offerings through third-party sellers and partners to offer customers easy choices for a holistic purchasing experience
Saas Scalability & ease of use
Tools to Drive Competitiveness
of Your Marketplace
  • Give Customers a Multi-vendor Experience with curated buyers and sellers and integration of third-party suppliers, dropshippers and channel partners
  • Protect your Brand Reputation by monitoring your suppliers' performance and limiting behaviors that harm your brand.
  • Allow Suppliers and Dealers to Easily Manage Product Catalogues and order fulfillment through feature-rich supplier portals
  • Set & Maintain Rules to Control Buyer & Seller Behaviours and monitor marketplace performance through advanced analytics
  • Get Support From 50+ B2B Marketplace Partners plus Arcadier's Plug-ins to launch quickand-easy integrations for a feature-rich B2B marketplace
Api Adaptability
Customer Insights to
Drive Conversion
  • Apply Data Intelligence on Your Marketplace datasets to quickly understand your clients' needs, and improve sales conversion

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