At its most basic level, any transaction between an individual buyer and a seller is a consumer (B2C) marketplace. Sellers can be anyone from local entrepreneurs to global corporations selling products, services or time-and-space. What differentiates Arcadier as a marketplace platform - as distinct from an e-commerce platform - is that Arcadier is designed from the ground-up with three portals; one each for Buyers, Sellers and Administrators. This means any business or government enterprise that has good relationships with buyers and sellers in a marketplace ecosystem, can launch a B2C marketplace and be the Administrator, whilst selling products and services into that marketplace.

As such, there exists a great diversity of consumer marketplaces, including many global enterprises seeking to grow brands and consolidate new digital distribution channels

Flexibility is Power with Arcadier

Flexibility is Power with Arcadier

Arcadier is a proven B2C performer. It has launched more marketplaces globally than any other marketplace platform (10,000+ marketplaces in 170+ countries selling 5m+ products). It has the world's most sophisticated software engineering, with unmatched OOTB functionality; API-based adaptability; SaaS speed and scalability and Professional Managed Services to meet the most stringent customisation, integration and support standards.

It's why we say Flexibility is Power with Arcadier.

Arcadier's B2C Marketplace Platform Delivers:

Sophisticated Engineering
New Channels to Increase
Brand and Customer Value
  • Build Brand Loyalty - Increase engagement and upselling with a robust marketplace ecosystem and refined UX for Administrators, Merchants and Buyers
  • Increase Customer Engagement - Be seen as an innovator. Drive omnichannel engagement beyond physical stores to include online shopping destinations
Out of the box functionality
Scale Your Business
  • Seamlessly Customise & Integrate new API's enabling third-party merchants and channel partners to create products and services to meet customers needs
  • Grow distribution channels, customer-base and administrative capabilities to process sales and orders more cost-efficiently
  • Leverage transactional data and customer insights to refine CX
Saas Scalability & ease of use
  • Offer "ready & complete" marketplace functionalities including merchant onboarding processes, product listing integration, catalog management, communication systems and more.
  • Recruit and onboard merchants more quickly and easily through Arcadier's feature-rich merchant portals.
  • Offer easy marketplace administrative controls to protect your brand reputation and monitor your merchant quality while expanding your catalog.
Api Adaptability
Consumer Empowerment
  • Providing Sellers & Buyers a Platform to directly communicate with each other
Managed Services
Omnichannel Sales
  • Optimise Multi-channel Sales with a specialised marketplace platform

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