Arcadier Custom Coders

Arcadier works closely with PHX Solution to provide our marketplace users the option to take their marketplace even further via a custom experience that fits their business, especially for users who do not have much technical knowledge. Custom coders utilise mainly the CSS and Javascript inputs in your admin portal to do changes like custom designs, social media sharing buttons and layout changes like removing of buttons or even sections on your marketplace. Arcadier custom coders are priced via different packages depending on the max number of changes you might have.


If you are unsure which package to choose, just contact us below and we will first help understand your needs before recommending the best one for you!


Up to 3 Visual changes ( e.g. Changing colour, hiding elements, changing text)

Turn around time: max 4 working days per change

1 revision allowed per change

(No javascript implementation included!)


Up to 5 Visual changes incl. 1 javascript implementation

OR 2 Javascript implementations ( e.g. social media sharing, removing validations )

Turn around time: max 3 working days per change

3 revisions allowed per change


Up to 10 Visual changes incl. 3 Javascript implementations

OR 5 Javascript implementations

Turn around time: max 2 working days per change

5 revisions allowed per change


Up to 20 Visual changes incl. 5 Javascript implementations

OR 8 Javascript implementations

OR Custom Payment integration*

Turn around time: max 1 working days per change

5 revisions allowed per change

Custom Payments*

$200 applies for PayPal, Stripe and Omise custom payment methods

Other payment gateways require a review of the APIs and requirements before quotation

Price depends on familiarity with the platform & complexity of integration (base price is $200)

* Not all Payment Gateways can be supported. Please ensure that you check with your Development Resources to ensure that the APIs for the Gateway can be used.

Drop us a message with the details on the customisations you would like to apply to your marketplace and we will get back to you shortly!
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