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We take care of the technology so you can change the world.If you are a charity, why not build yourmarketplace for free?*
*free for the first 4 months
The versatility and power of online marketplaces can help bring good causes to everyone.

Thinking about building a marketplace for a fundraising event, bake sale, recycling second hand furniture, volunteer work or community exchanges?

Let us assist you.

If you are a registered non-profit and want to build an online marketplace, we want to help.

Simply fill out our form and we will give you 4 months free use of our Basic subscription package (Worth US$316).

If you need support for your subscription after that, we will also list you amongst our
Marketplaces for Good’ and help find you a sponsor.


Green is good

Create a marketplace to recycle, share or loan items means lessening our collective impact on the planet.

Readily raise funds

Get communities to list items for sale with the proceeds going to your charity of choice.

Connect communities

Empower farmers and cottage industries the ability to sell their handmade goods or produce online.
Your Cause, Our Pride
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Sponsor their marketplace! Check out our Marketplaces for Good and make a difference.

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