Arcadier's Expert Partner(s)

These are our hand-picked trusted agencies and technology providers that are ready to assist you in creating an Arcadier-powered solution, tailored specifically to your enterprise needs.

Interested in joining as an Arcadier expert partner?

Semcore Pty. Ltd.


We are a full service online web house specialising in creating solutions. Nothing is impossible online so if you have an idea, we can build it. We treat every client individually and customise each project to give you that extra 10% that can make a difference online. We love making beautiful, effective and user friendly websites, as well as creating systems like Inventory Management Systems, Analytics platforms or eCommerce stores.

Cerberus Works


Cerberus Works is a Graphic Design & IT Solution provider. Just like what the Mythological Hound represents, we are here to help you turn your ideas into ideals.



Digitalfolks is a south-east asia technology consultancy founded in 2014. We are committed to helping businesses develop digital solutions and scale-up internal engineering team capabilities.

P.T. Infotech Solutions


PT Infotech Solutions is an ICT solutions provider of packaged application solutions, implementation support as well as other ICT related services

Xtreme labz


Xtreme Labz is a single dream of a group of IT technocrats foreseeing a mission of innovation. The approach of this idea includes lots of dedications and researches accompanied by values like originality, teamwork, honesty, simplicity, and our principles.

Macchiato Design and Marketing Pte Ltd


Macchiato Design and Marketing is the communal initiative of three individuals who had set foot into uncharted waters of entrepreneurship in their early 20s. They seek to build businesses and the people that come along with them. They have lofty ambitions to change the world, through their voice; translated through your works.

2359 Media


We’re not just developers, designers, nor consultants - we’re problem solvers, we help our clients better understand and leverage the rapidly evolving mobile landscape by providing a full suite of services from strategising mobile objectives to producing mobile applications. Our key clients include Singtel, SPH, Mediacorp, MOM, FOX, Disney, among other leading innovative brands.

Digital Forge Pte Ltd


Digital forge offers end to end intelligent mobile enterprise applications that helps our clients to innovate, transform and scale their business. We specialize in Android and iOS development



Based in singapore, voilaah is a digital–first agency. With a team of creative thinkers and doers, we build tailor made digital experiences in the form of websites and web apps. Taking pride in what we do, we help companies achieve their objectives, through strategic execution in both, creative and technology implementation.