Company Overview

AsiaPay is a premier digital payment solution and technology vendor. We strive to bring advanced, secured, integrated, and cost-effective electronic payment processing solutions and services to banks and e-businesses around the world. Our services are in abundance, covering international credit card, debit card, bank account/net banking, wallet, over-the-counters, and other prepaid card payments.

AsiaPay is an accredited payment processor and payment gateway solution vendor for banks. It is a certified IPSP for merchants and also a certified international 3-D Secure vendor for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB.

AsiaPay offers its variety of award-winning, multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-card, and multi-channelled payment solutions. Alongside with its advanced fraud detection and management solutions AsiaPay is the ideal payment provider.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, AsiaPay offers its professional digital payment solution consultancy and quality local service support across 15+ countries and regions, including: Hong Kong, Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and the United Kingdom.

Benefits Offered to Arcadier Customers

AsiaPay is a partner of Arcadier Marketplaces and will provide special rates to Arcadier users on a case-to-case basis. Remember to mention that the application is with Arcadier Marketplaces and special rates will be provided on an individual application basis.

Register interest by clicking on the contact button and indicating your interest in AsiaPay and which country you are interested in enabling.

Solution Offering

  • Digital payment
  • Payment gateway
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to do to enable Asiapay on my Marketplace?

You need to register your interest for AsiaPay using the contact button above. 

  1. Inform Arcadier which country you are from, your contact details (email and/or telephone number) and your interest to find out more about AsiaPay
  2. Arcadier will get you connected to an AsiaPay representative 
  3. AsiaPay representative will work with you on your application 
  4. Work with AsiaPay to find a developer to integrate AsiaPay APIs to Arcadier Marketplaces
  5. If you need help, please refer to the Arcadier Help Centre
How AsiaPay works with Arcadier?

Asiapay is the premier payment gateway in Asia Pacific covering 13 countries across the region, including Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Asia Pay is not pre-integrated into Arcadier Marketplaces. However, you can utilse the Custom Payment feature to integrate Asia Pay's payment gateway to your marketplace. You may bring your own developer or engage one of Arcadier's Expert Partner to help you with the integration. 

Asia Pay payment gateway may differ from market-to-market. Please refer to and select the country you are from and contact the relevant Asia Pay sales teams.

Why is AsiaPay Payments not pre-integrated to Arcadier?

Asiapay payment gateway is slightly more traditional in its merchant approval procedure, and requires all applicants to submit the required documents before an approval for an Asiapay account is granted. This could take a few weeks in process. 

Arcadier and Asiapay have agreed that each applicant will be reviewed on a case-to-case basis by Asiapay, hence Asiapay is not pre-integrated into Arcadier so as not to confused the Arcadier user. Having said that, Asiapay has a long history of providing a good quality product and competitive pricing, and is the leading payment gateway for the Asia Pacific region.

Is it difficult to integrate AsiaPay on to my marketplace on Arcadier Plaform?

No, it is not difficult to integrate AsiaPay to your marketplace. You can easily utilise Arcadier's Custom Payment feature to do so. You would need to hire your own developer or an Arcadier Expert Partner to help you with it.

What form of payments can AsiaPay support?

AsiaPay has a long history in Asia Pacific and it offers a broad number of payment services. Please refer to the Asia Pay website for more information.





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