Company Overview

Braintree, a division of PayPal, is a company based in Chicago that specializes in mobile and web payment systems for ecommerce companies.

Benefits Offered to Arcadier Customers

All Arcadier users can enjoy a 10 basis points discount (0.10% discount) from Braintree's standard pricing for the following countries: AU, CAN, HK, MY, NZ, SG, US, UK and EU.

You can only enjoy this special if you register using the Links below for your country. Please check Braintree Standard Pricing from Braintree website of your own country.

  1. Australia Registrant
  2. Canada Registrant
  3. Hong Kong Registrant
  4. New Zealand Registrant
  5. Malaysia Registrant
  6. Singapore Registrant
  7. United States of America Registrant

This special discount for Arcadier Users is also available for the United Kingdom and Europe, please contact Arcadier via the contact button above with your request and we will connect you to the relevant Braintree Sales Consultant to support you with the application.

Solution Offering

  • Digital payment
  • Payment gateway
  • Money transfer
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to do to enable Braintree on my Marketplace?

You need to register your interest for Braintree Payments at Braintree website, or if you are from one of the countries where Braintree is providing a special rate for Arcadier Marketplace users, please register using the URLs below. 

  1. Register your interest for a Braintree Account on Braintree website or a relevant URL below. 
  2. A Braintree Sales Person would contact you about your application. 
  3. Inform the Braintree Sales Person of your intended Braintree Product (Braintree Direct or Braintree Marketplace) 
  4. Receive your Braintree Account from Braintree Sales Person. 
  5. Find a developer to integrate Braintree APIs to Arcadier Marketplace. 
  6. If you need help, please refer to the Arcadier Help Centre 

Country specific links for registrants:
Why is Braintree Payments not pre-integrated to Arcadier?

Braintree payments consist of Braintree Direct and Braintree Marketplace. By natural selection, Braintree Marketplace product would provide the split payment function that is required by marketplaces. However, Braintree Marketplace is not available in all 45 countries that Braintree operates in. It is currently only available in the US, UK and parts of Europe. So as to avoid confusion for Arcadier's users who elect to utilise Braintree payments, Arcadier has not pre-integrated Braintree into the system currently.

Is it difficult to integrate Braintree Direct or Braintree Marketplace on to my marketplace on Arcadier Plaform?

No, it is not difficult to integrate Braintree Direct or Braintree Marketplace on to your marketplace on the Arcadier Platform.  You can use the custom payment featureon Arcadier to integrate either of Braintree products. However, you would need to hire your own developer or engage an Arcadier Expert Partner to help you with the integration.

If I am from Asia, what Braintree Payment type can I utilise?

As Braintree Marketplace product is not available for Asia yet, you will have to utilise Braintree Direct. However, using Braintree Direct would mean that as the marketplace owner, you would become the "merchant-on-record", where all payments on your marketplace will be received by you. You would then need to settle the payments with your merchants separately to their bank accounts. You can either do so manually or engage the services of our other partner - Payoneer with their mass payout services.

How do I know if Braintree by PayPal will work in my country?

Braintree is continually growing to new markets. Please refer to Braintree website for the list of markets they are available in:

Please note that Braintree is only in 45 countries and PayPal is in 200 countries, so it does not mean that Braintree is available where PayPal is.

What if my country is not listed above, can I get the Arcadier special discount?

Other than the United Kingdom and Europe, your country must be listed above and you need to use the URL to apply for your Braintree account to enjoy the special rates for Arcadier users.

For UK and EU Arcadier users, please contact us using the contact button above to let us know your interest in Braintree and we will refer you to the Braintree Sales team.

Can I get more discount from Braintree than the Arcadier special pricing?

Yes, you most certainly can. That determination would depend solely on Braintree's discretion and would be based on the volume of transactions which you can produce for Braintree. Please contact Braintree Payments directly or contact Arcadier via the button above to be connected with Braintree.




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