Company Overview

Omise allows online businesses and marketplace operators in Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia to accept payments in local and foreign currencies. The platform supports card payments, internet banking, and many more alternative payment methods. Omise offers a seamless checkout experience that complies with the highest security standards in the industry, being the first payment company in Thailand to achieve PCI DSS 3.2 compliance.

Benefits Offered to Arcadier Customers

Omise is pleased to offer Arcadier users special rates for the following countries:

- Indonesia: special MDR pricing at 3.15%
- Singapore: special MDR pricing at 3.0% + $0.30
- Thailand: special MDR pricing at 3.55%

For more information or enquiries, contact us using the contact button above.

Solution Offering

  • Digital payment
  • Payment gateway
  • Split payments
  • Alternative payments
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I do if I want to enable Omise on my Marketplace?

Omise Pay is fully-integrated and is immediate available to you upon registration of your Arcadier user account. You would however be required to register for an Omise Pay on

  1. Register for an Omise  Account on (if you don’t have one)
  2. Immediately receive an Omise Account ID
  3. Go to your Arcadier Marketplace Admin Portal
  4. Select Omise Payments and follow the instructions to connect your Omise Account to your marketplace
  5. If you need help, please refer to the Arcadier Help Centre on Omise Payment Set-up 
  6. Contact Arcadier to inform us that you are using Omise to enjoy the special Omise rates using the contact button above. Please include your marketplace URL (, your email address and Omise Account ID
Where is Omise available?

Omise is available for merchant Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Indonesia. Omise is expanding quickly, so please check Omise website regularly for updates. Omise's focus is the South East Asia region.

Can I use Omisego tokens on my marketplace? is a separate line of business for where Omisego pertains to its Ethereum-based financial technology for digital walls. Omise business pertains to the mainstream payment gateway business allowing the acceptance of credit and debit cards for ecommerce websites. As such, you are not able to use Omisego on the Omise integration on Arcadier.

Do my Merchants also need an Omise Account?

For the integration that Arcadier has with Omise Pay, your merchants do not need to have their own Omise account, however they would need to provide their bank account details during their merchant on-boarding process.

What are the on-boarding requirements for Omise Pay on the Arcadier Platform?

Omise operates from a diverse set of South East Asian countries as well as in Japan. Each of them do have their own requirements during the on-boarding process. However, Omise application process is fairly seamless and the entire application process is done online. There however could be different requirements depending if you are applying to be a merchant in Thailand or in Japan for example. Do check the Arcadier Help Centre for more information with regards to Omise Pay.

What if I prefer to integrate with Omise differently from Arcadier's integration of Omise Pay?

You are definitely able to do your own Omise integration to the Arcadier platform, either through the use of the custom payment functionality or using the Arcadier's APIs. The choice would depend on the complexity of your integration. It would be advisable that you seek a developer to support you in your endeavour or hire one of Arcadier's Expert Partners to help you.

Omise integration documents can be found here.

However, you can always enjoy the Omise special pricing for Arcadier users, please advise Omise sales consultant that you are referred by Arcadier during your integration application process.





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