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The award-winning Bitcoin cashier system of the company provides collection and exchange services to e-commerce merchants, multinational corporations, and financial intermediaries around the globe.

Benefits Offered to Arcadier Customers

Payment21 is a partner of Arcadier Marketplaces and will provide special rates to Arcadier users on a case-to-case basis. Remember to mention that the application is with Arcadier Marketplaces and special rates will be provided on an individual application basis.

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Solution Offering

  • Bitcoin
Frequently Asked Questions
How Payment21 works with Arcadier?

Payment21 is a Swiss-based and enterprise grade digital currency processor allowing any marketplace to accept cryptocurrency in compliance with AML-Laws. Payment21 is not pre-integrated into Arcadier Marketplaces and would be best suited as a digital currency payment partner for Arcadier's Enterprise Package customers.

Payment21 system can be easily integrated into Arcadier Marketplaces with the use of Arcadier's APIs. You can hire your own developers or use Arcadier's Expert Partner to support both the development of your fully customised marketplace and the integration of Payment21 payment method.

Payment21 provides a strong suite of Digital Currency Processing. Please check Payment21for the different crypto payment options.

What do I need to do to enable Payment21 on my Marketplace?

You need to register your interest for Payment21 using the contact button above.

  1. Inform Arcadier which country you are from, your contact details (email and/or telephone number) and your interest to find out more about Payment21
  2. Arcadier will get you connected to a Payment21 representative
  3. Payment21 representative will work with you on your application
  4. Work with Payment21 to find a developer or use an Arcadier Expert Partner to integrate Payment21 APIs to Arcadier Marketplace





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