Advanced comprehensive features

All the features & tools you need to build a successful marketplace business.



Search by keywords, dates, categories, and on a map. Filtering and sorting by price, name, and rating are also enabled.

Private Marketplace

Private marketplace

You can choose to make your marketplace private. This means you can approve or invite sellers, or both sellers and buyers.

Social Login

Social login

Users on your marketplace can register and sign in with their Facebook and Google accounts.



Stripe, PayPal, Omise are already pre-integrated into your marketplace, but you can deactivate them and integrate your own payment processors too.



Our language features allow you to translate and edit the content on your marketplace to different languages of your choice.

Custom Codes

Custom codes

The custom JavaScript feature lets you customise your marketplace and add third-party plug-ins for currency conversion, e-mail newsletter prompts, social media buttons, and much more.

Admin Portal

Admin portal

A marketplace admin can manage users and make additions and customisations to the marketplace through the powerful admin dashboard.

Merchant/Seller Portal

Seller portal

Marketplace sellers can view and manage orders and add new listings through a powerful seller dashboard.



Both the admin and seller dashboards show the most viewed items, total sales/revenue in numbers and through a graphical representation. The admin portal also allows you to integrate your Google Analytics account.



The chat function allows users to contact sellers on the marketplace. Buyers can go to their inbox to find their conversation with the seller.



Users can request a negotiated price, and sellers can respond by sending special offers. The buyer can choose to decline, or accept the special offer and complete the checkout.

Mobile-responsive Design

Mobile-responsive design

You marketplace is designed to look great on desktop, mobile and tablet.



Basic SEO support is provided. Arcadier Marketplaces allow you to enter your own SEO title and meta description, and submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster.

Custom Domain

Custom domain

Your marketplace is assigned domain name that looks like this:, but we enable you to connect your own custom domain such as:

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & reviews

Generate a positive reputation for your marketplace using the built-in review system. Not only does it help in determining high quality products, it also creates accountability and ensures quality control on your products and services.

API Access

API access

Build a mobile app, integrate with third party applications or even build an entirely new marketplace experience. That’s the power of our APIs. Try it for free on our API Sandbox.

Start Selling

Start selling

You can even start selling on your own marketplace immediately as your own first merchant. No separate login or identity required.

Custom Homepage

Custom homepage

Make your marketplace your own, customise your homepage. Change button colours, add new panels to your landing page, create a call-to-action button or even hyperlink a video to your marketplace.

Exclusive features in retail marketplaces

Multiple Item Checkout

Multiple item checkout

Browse items from multiple sellers and put them in your cart. Checkout everything at once for a seamless payment experience.

Item Variants

Item variants

Sellers can choose to add variations to each listing, even having the ability to place different images and surcharges on every variat.

Bulk Shipping

Bulk shipping

Sellers can offer different shipping surcharges for multiple quantities of the same item!

Exclusive features in rental & services marketplaces



Manually set up the specific dates and times of your listings to your desired timing.



Allow sellers to provide add-on services or extras to their listing. Users can select and pay for these add-ons when they make a purchase.

Calendar Scheduler

Calendar scheduler

Users can book based on an availability calendar that each listing has and Sellers can block out dates they are unavailable for booking!

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