Company Overview

PayPal is one of the world's largest online payment system, operating in more than 200 countries. PayPal supports online money transfers and payments amongst its many other services.

Benefits Offered to Arcadier Customers

PayPal does not offer any special rates for Arcadier users. However if you are doing big volumes, you can contact PayPal directly for a special volume pricing.

Solution Offering

  • Digital payment
  • Payment gateway
  • Split payments
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to do to enable PayPal on my Marketplace?

PayPal Split Payments is fully-integrated and is immediate upon registration of account:

  1. Register for a PayPal Account on (if you don’t have one)
  2. Immediately receive a PayPal Account 
  3. Go to your Marketplace Admin Portal
  4. Select PayPal and Link your PayPal Account
  5. Follow all the instructions in your Arcadier Marketplace Admin Portal 
  6. If you need help setting up PayPal to your Marketplace, please click here
Why is Arcadier only integrated with PayPal Split Payments?

PayPal has many different payment products including PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Subscription and PayPal Digital Goods . Amongst its products,  using PayPal Split Payments allows an automated way for Marketplace Administrators be able to take a percentage commission out of each transaction before it goes to the merchant on their marketplace by splitting the payment between the administrators and the merchant. 

Do my Merchants also need a PayPal Account to be paid?

For PayPal split payments to be able to automatically split the commission paid to you and the remaining amount to the merchants, would mean that the merchants would have to also register for their own PayPal account.

Afterwhich, they would able to link their PayPal Account to your marketplace on the Arcadier Merchant Portal for your marketplace.

Do buyers who come to my marketplace require a PayPal account?

No, buyers do not need a PayPal Account. They will only need their credit card or debit cards to pay like on any ecommerce website, however, they can also use their PayPal Account to pay should they have one. 

What if I prefer to receive all payments first and transfer the funds to my merchants later?

If you receive all payments first as the marketplace administrator first before transferring your merchant's share to them, that would make you a "merchant-on-record". You can do so with PayPal by integrating to PayPal Express Checkout product using the Custom Payment feature within your administrator portal to do so.

Please review to have a better understand of PayPal Express Checkout product.

Can the custom payment feature support all PayPal products?

It depends on the way the specific payment flow occurs. Its better if you reach out to Arcadier at to check with us first.

What are PayPal's fee charges like?

PayPal payment fees differ from country to country. Do check your local webpages for the pricing that is relevant to you.

Can I use PayPal for India?

Yes, PayPal is now available for domestic India.




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