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Threedium has built a powerful 3D engine where you can quickly turn images into lightweight 3D/AR assets, manage them and which can be distributed across any digital or omni-channel fast, at scale and cost-efficiently. 

Using our platform you can publish 100s of Digital twins every week, beautiful and highly engaging Immersive Product Explorers, 3D/AR Configurators and Immersive 3D Displays and QR Codes.

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Benefits Offered to Arcadier Customers

Benefits offered to Arcadier customers

Promotional offers or special pricing can be discussed when referred through Arcadier. 

Solution Offering

  • API Integration
  • Immersive 3D/AR Viewer
  • Configurators & Digital Twins
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to have 3D Files to use your platform?

The platform begins to have value for you once you have low poly 3D files to upload in order to start building all the different 3D/AR Solutions. 

What if I do not have any 3D Files?

We got you covered! You can connect with our team, provide specific set of images for each product you wish to turn into 3D/AR and our team will prepare and upload all 3D assets on your platform account for you to start using.

What 3D File types do you support?

Our platform supports OBJ, FBX, GLB and GLTF. All these files can be easily exported from most 3D softwares.

I am looking for a custom solution, can you help?

Absolutely! Threedium understand that companies might have unique requirements and we always have a dedicated team to support and bring custom 3D/AR solutions to life.

Will 3D solutions slow down my website loading time?

No way! Our engine publishes compressed and super lightweight solutions (usually less than 9mb) that can be embedded in any way and within any placeholder without affecting website loading times.

How can I publish 3D Solutions from your platform?

We offer three options of embedding/distributing solutions: 

1. via an iframe - a simply copy/paste into any website solution 

2. API library (integration where the user can have increased control and dynamically manipulate the 3D content) 

3. CMS plugins (based on API library but with easy installation and run on various CMS and DAM platform)

Do you have an API?

Yes, we have built a scalable REST API which your developers can use for any integration especially for extensive 3D Solutions. We have over 50+ API calls.


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