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TranSwap is an award-winning, scaleup FinTech company that helps businesses move money better. Through technology, TranSwap has developed a suite of payment applications to empower enterprises to scale and reach global revenue possibilities. Our innovative platform for payments, collections, conversions and multi-currency accounts, makes it simpler, faster and cheaper to transact in more than 180 countries.


TranSwap offers cost-effective customised solutions with easy integration for businesses seeking to automate and scale internationally through our suite of APIs and white-label services.


Our Global Account is an integrated solution that offers businesses named local accounts and wallets to simplify payments and collections and minimise market risk with transparent foreign exchange rates. Businesses can get access to financing and cash and treasury management tools on our platform to unlock the possibilities of tomorrow.


TranSwap is fully regulated and licensed in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any fees?

Our fees are transparently displayed during the booking process and include the cost of payments and wire transfers. You will be able to view the total cost charged by TranSwap before confirming the booking.

However, in certain cases, your bank or your recipient’s bank may charge an additional fee to send and/or receive money. These charges will be borne by you or your recipient. You may also need to bear additional charges if the beneficiary needs to receive a nett amount.

Is my money secure?

TranSwap is regulated and licensed as a Major Payment Institution (License Number PS20200415) by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), as a Money Service Operator (License Number 16-07-01882) with the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (HKCED) and as a Fund Transfer Operator (License Number 21/248/Sr/3) by Bank Indonesia (BI). Our client funds are permanently held in our segregated accounts in leading global banks. This means our client funds do not form any part of TranSwap’s assets.

How long will my transfer take?

This depends on the currency that you are buying or selling and the bank that your beneficiary is using. Typically, for major currencies and leadings banks, the funds will reach your beneficiary within 1 business day after we receive your funds. In extreme cases, it takes some currencies and/or banks up to 4 business days to process the transfer.

If you require the transaction to proceed urgently, please contact us by email at

Where can I send money too?

Our wide network of banks and partners allows you to make payments to more than 180 regions. Here are some of the more popular destinations:
1. Australia
2. China
3. Europe
4. Hong Kong
5. Indonesia
6. Japan
7. Malaysia
8. Philippines
9. South Korea
10. Singapore
11. Thailand
12. United Kingdom
13. United States
14. Vietnam
15. Taiwan
16. New Zealand
17. Switzerland
18. Sweden
19. Poland
20. Canada

TranSwap is also constantly looking to open new currency borders to serve our customers better.

I have to make multiple recurring transfers to client and staff overseas. Will TranSwap be able to help me?

TranSwap understands the challenges businesses face in making international payments. That is why we have developed our proprietary API, which allows us to fully automate high-volume cross-border payments making it convenient and cost-effective for you.





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