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first week of Inspire

Check out what's in store for the first week of Inspire!

April 1st marks the official start of Arcadier Inspire.  And boy, oh boy, are we excited to share our first 3 summit speakers. 

We're kicking Inspire off with talks by founders, thought leaders, and visionaries that will get you excited about marketplaces & the sharing economy and inspire you to get going and make yours happen! 


Look Who's Talking

Session #1: April 3rd, 8 am GMT | The Growth of Marketplaces and Future Mode
Kenneth Low, Co-founder and CCO of Arcadier, kicks off the summit by speaking about the Rise of Marketplaces and Future Models. He explores how and why marketplaces exist the way they do currently and what's possibly in store for them.  

Previous Head of Strategy & BD for PayPal Asia Pacific, with a background as a Chartered Accountant and voted one of  Asia's Best Marketeers 2016, Ken brings a depth of knowledge in marketplaces and online payments.

Session #2: April 4th, 8 am GMT | Empowering Trust in the Sharing Economy
Sara Green Broderson, Founder and CEO of Deemly, is a Danish entrepreneur rapidly gaining steam as a thought leader within the global sharing economy. 

Sara talks about how important trust is in the sharing economy, and how new businesses can establish trust with customers despite being young in the industry.

Session #3: April 5th, 8 am GMT | Using Endurance to be a Better Version of Ourselves
Greg Nance is an entrepreneur working to expand education access through digital mentorship. Founder and CEO of, he is an ultramarathon runner who ran through the Gobi desert, solo climbed Mont Blanc, and swam across the Nile River. 

Greg shares about how he builds his endurance by pushing his limits both in and out of the office. 

Can't watch them live? Fret not, catch them on demand in your inspire dashboard.  Hope you're as excited to tune in as we are to share!

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