Arcadier Enterprise Marketplace Solution: How does it compare to Mirakl, Izberg, Avetti and Marketplacer’s offerings?

Arcadier Enterprise Marketplace Solution: How does it compare to Mirakl, Izberg, Avetti and Marketplacer’s offerings?

Online commerce is all the rage in today’s digital world, and business are getting in on the act. Motivated by the convenience of the ecommerce experience and the capability offered in the use of marketplace technology, Gartner estimates that 75% of B2B procurement spending will happen via an online B2B marketplace within the next 5 years. This has led to the rise of the enterprise solution by marketplace platform providers like Arcadier, Mirakl, Marketplacer, Izberg and Avetti Commerce aiming to cater to larger corporates such as distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers attempting to launch a multi-vendor marketplace platform: the enterprise customer. 


In a broad sense, many of the solutions share the similarities of allowing clients to construct tailor-made marketplace experience by enabling businesses to heavily customise their marketplace front-end page to fit their brand image and a flexible back-end that allows integration into inventory management systems (IMS) or payment gateways via Application Programming Interfaces (API). However, they differ in the areas like pricing, level of support offered, security and the server deployment options. 


Interestingly, many platform providers, like Mirakl, Izberg, Marketplacer, Aventti Commerce and Stelace focus solely on the enterprise customer, offeringa high-touch approach in a user’s onboarding process. Arcadier caters to “DIY SaaS” customers and also enterprise customer segment types. With a broad suite of features as well as advance APIs, Arcadier can easily provide the same level of enterprise customer experience as any other enterprise-focused multi-vendor platform providers. 


Arcadier’s Unique Position


This diversity of offerings such as a catalogue manager, a brand manager system, have placed the company in good stead to be a major player in the enterprise segment, with a growing number of B2B businesses seeking to digitally transform their businesses. As a result Arcadier offers any enterprise the ability to create a B2B Marketplace, a B2C Marketplace, a Service Marketplace or even a Rental Marketplace. 


With over 12,000 marketplaces created on its platform, Arcadier is able to tap on its extensive knowledge and experience to offer a superior experience to its clientele. 


This, coupled with the ease of customisability of its front-end and back-end codes, Arcadier allows enterprises to customise their marketplace to suit their workflows. Through the help and partnerships with external development partners, enterprise customers are able to easily tweak their marketplace front-end page and customise its back-end through the modular integration of APIs. 


Arcadier’s Enterprise Offerings


Arcadier offers competitive pricings for their three-tier enterprise solutions to cater to a wide variety of enterprise clients.


Enterprise Provisioned, Arcadier’s lowest tier enterprise solution, is catered to entrepreneurs and companies seeking to benefit from an affordable enterprise grade solution. Equipped with an assigned client account manager and a dedicated load balancing server, the client is able to benefit from a high-touch experience whilst still benefitting from Arcadier’s regular site maintenance and product upgrades.  


Enterprise Dedicated, Arcadier’s mid-tier enterprise solution, is catered towards organisations (particularly banks, financial institutions, and telecommunication companies)requiring tight security around their data. Building upon the features offered in Enterprise Provisioned, Enterprise Dedicated also offers clients a segregated web and database server with complete data isolation. 


Enterprise Standalone, Arcadier’s highest tier enterprise solution, is catered towards organisations with their own in-house system operations team, and requires their marketplace to be installed, hosted and maintained within their own in-house server environments. Unlike the other 2 solutions, Enterprise Standalone users will not be eligible for any maintenance or product upgrades by Arcadier. 

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