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How Arcadier compares with marketplace alternatives like Sharetribe, Yclas, Yelo and Kreezalid

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Sharetribe, Mirakl, Yclas, Yelo, Kreezalid, and Near Me have been considered as competitors or alternatives to Arcadier. While they all provide software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service, there are stark differences between their offerings and Arcadier’s.

In the past, eCommerce software competitors or alternatives like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and Wordpress enabled anyone to build an online shop at an affordable price. Shopify and Wordpress caught on with individuals and bootstrapping entrepreneurs, while small and medium-sized businesses and large enterprises chose BigCommerce and Magento.

As the tech-enabled sharing economy grew in popularity in the last decade, entrepreneurs and organizations worldwide wanted in on the action, resulting in the emergence of marketplace software companies with more affordable solutions. Although Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and Wordpress were not designed for a marketplace with a multi-merchant cart, there are now third party extensions that enable it.

Besides Arcadier, known marketplace technology providers include Izberg, Mirakl, Marketplacer, Sharetribe, and Near Me. However, they differ greatly in pricing, support, and flexibility. Marketplacer, Izberg, Mirakl, and Near Me offer custom and bespoke builds for enterprise customers, as opposed to Arcadier and Sharetribe’s off-the-shelf solution. Their fully hosted end-to-end solutions are perfect for serious customers with solid funding as the setup costs and monthly fees are significantly higher than off-the-shelf marketplace platforms.

In contrast, with Arcadier and Sharetribe, one can get a fully functional online marketplace with all the essential features for less than US$100. Both employ a subscription model and have templates that apply to multiple use cases. Arcadier’s marketplace platform does have the largest range of use cases and features, however. Its templates encompass goods or space rental, service bookings, and sale of goods and include multi-lingual support and a private or invitation-only function.

Another difference is that Sharetribe, which is based in Finland, is an open-source platform, while Arcadier has published APIs (like Shopify) and built-in CSS and JavaScript input to allow tweaks to existing templates. Both allow customizations through these means. Moreover, Arcadier has partnered with expert web developers to help clients without technical knowledge customize and build Arcadier-powered marketplaces.

Arcadier is the only affordable marketplace technology provider that straddles self-service and custom-built marketplaces through a single technology stack. Additionally, Arcadier’s ecosystem of partners — which includes design studios, marketing and SEO agencies, PR firms, payment providers, and more — provides a support network for its marketplace owners and administrators.

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