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Features Updates

Revised Onboarding Process: Integrating Payment Processors

New users would not need to integrate their Stripe or PayPal account during onboarding which speeds up the onboarding process. They can log into their admin portal to integrate the payment processors whenever they are ready. 

Layout Customizations

Admins can edit the “Logo”, “Cover” and the "About Us" section to customise the look of their marketplace from the admin dashboard.

Customize Policies

Admins can customise and edit their marketplace policies from the admin dashboard to meet their needs. 

Custom Domains

Admins can white-label their marketplace by linking it to a custom domain of their choice, purchased externally.

Item Variants

Sellers can add variants to the items they have uploaded e.g. colour and size. They can also add an image, a surcharge for the price and the stock available for that particular item.

Bulk Shipping

Sellers can now add bulk shipping prices for buyers who buy a larger number of items.

Custom Item Fields

Admins can add custom listings for sellers to fill in. If made mandatory, sellers can only upload the item after this field is filled in. The custom listing also gives buyers an extra filter to refine their search results.

Item Management

Admins have an overview of all items/listings on the marketplace and are able to hide or delete the item/listing. This is to ensure that items/listings comply with marketplace policies. 

Performance Dashboards

Admins can monitor and analyse the performance of the marketplace via the admin dashboard. These data can also be exported via CSV or PDF.

Seller Storefront

Sellers now have their digital storefront on the marketplace. Buyers can view all the item/listings from a specific seller.

Patch Notes

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