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Features Updates

Login with Username and Password

Users can use their own email/username and password for login.

Image Slider

Admins can choose to enable multiple image slider function on their homepage and and add unlimited images to it.

Users of marketplace can scroll through the image slider on the homepage.

Search Bar Visibility

Admins can enable or disable the visibility the search bar on their homepage.

Call-to-Action Panels

Admins can add unlimited call-to-action panels with a hyperlinked call-to-action button on their homepage.

Here's a peek on how the call-to-action panel will look like!

Value Proposition Panels

Admins can add unlimited number of value proposition panels (up to 3 columns per panel) on their homepage.

Here's a peek on how the value proposition panel will look like!

Panel Order Arrangement

Admins can re-arrange the order of their call-to-action panels and value proposition panels on their homepage.

Accent Colour Change

Admins can change their marketplace theme accent colour.

Social Media Buttons

Admins can add social media buttons to the footer of their homepage.

Here's a peek on how the social media buttons will look like!

External Links Navigation

Admins can link external pages to their marketplace in the header.

Here's a peek on how the external links will appear in the header!

Custom CSS

Admins can use custom CSS code to customise their marketplace content display.

Multi-Lingual Translations

Multi-lingual translations are now available on our service bookings and space/goods rental marketplaces.

Patch Notes

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