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Features Updates

New Search Bar Settings

Admins can activate search by both keywords and location on the services and rental marketplaces. 

Deeper Sub-categories

Admins can create multiple levels of item sub-categories. Click here to learn more.

Category-based Commission Structure

Admins can now set a different commission fee for each individual category/ sub-category. Click here to learn more.

Improved Merchant Dashboard

Merchants can now receive in-depth sales information without connecting to Google Analytics. Click here to learn more.

Fully White-labelled Emails

Admins can now send out white-labelled emails to their users without any Arcadier branding. Click here to learn more.

Transaction History Filters

Admins can now filter their transaction history to narrow their insights and view pending transactions. Click here to learn more. 

Search Result Filters

Consumers can now better filter search results to find more easily their optimal listing. Click here to learn more.

Patch Notes

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