Product updates

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Features Updates

Admin multi-admin log

Admins can now see all the activities by the marketplace's merchants and other admins


Search radius configuration

Admins are now able to configure 10/50/100/1000/20000 km/miles on the search radius

Filter user list

Admin can now filter users to narrow down their insights

Announcement board in Admin dashboard

Admins can now receive announcements from Arcadier

Configure own Facebook or Google login

Admins can now add their own Facebook or Google Logins

Prevent email input for display name

Sellers can now refrain from using their email address as their display name 

Re-arrange variants

Sellers can now re-arrange the order of their variants 

This only applies to retail marketplaces.

Admin reset user's password

Admins can now reset a user’s password

Merge merchants and consumers login on admin dashboard

Admins can now view the merged list of both merchants and consumers on their admin dashboard

Paging for items/ consumers/merchants in the admin portal

Admins can now view the paging for the consumers/merchants/ items in their admin portal

Patch Notes

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