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Arcadier’s Guide on How to Use Custom JavaScript

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1) What is JavaScript and what does the custom JavaScript feature do?

JavaScript is a programming language used by developers to create Web pages. It can create dynamic HTML and behaviours. The custom JavaScript feature is accessible from the marketplace admin dashboard and it essentially allows marketplace administrators to add customisations to their marketplace.

While our marketplace solution is simple and easy to use for non-coders, we still have features to help people with a strong knowledge in JavaScript to customize their marketplace. Marketplace administrators who have minimal experience with JavaScript should work with a JavaScript developer when using this feature so as to avoid disrupting the basic website codes in the marketplace.

2) What are 5 examples of the use of Arcadier’s Custom JavaScript?

With so many avenues for customisation, many users often ask us about what they can or cannot do with custom JavaScript. In response to these questions, our team has come up with the top 5 custom JavaScript use examples to help you gain a better understanding of what you can do with this feature.

Do note that these aren’t one-size-fits-all solutions. We recommend that you analyse and think through how to change the codes to suit your marketplace needs.

1. Adding Social Media Buttons to your marketplace

Regardless of whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, custom JavaScript now gives you the opportunity to connect your marketplace to any social media community. With these social media buttons, you can share an interesting item listing with your friends, tell others about an interesting marketplace or even post your seller review on social media to highlight effective sellers. This will bring more traffic to your marketplace!

2. Customising the aesthetics of the marketplace

Frustrated with how the website header looks like? Or maybe the default marketplace font does not match with your brand. Fret not because custom JavaScript allows you to make such customisations to your marketplace to ensure that the website is aesthetically cohesive and aligned with your marketplace image!

3. Adding a 3rd party plug-in

If our existing features are still unable to answer to all your marketplace needs at this point, fret not as custom JavaScript now allows you to add any 3rd party plug-ins to your marketplace. Whether it is adding a shipping fee calculator or a chat system for the marketplace admin to reach out to users personally, custom JavaScript now opens up more avenues for you to further enhance user experience on your marketplace!

4. Linking and redirecting external pages to and/or from the marketplace website

There are a multitude of companies providing services that are complementary to your marketplace. Whether it is redirecting your website users from another site to your marketplace or linking your marketplace users to another site for payments, the possibilities are endless with custom JavaScript!

5. Insert external feedback form

In order to help facilitate feedback exchange between the marketplace administrator and marketplace users, custom JavaScript now gives you the option of inserting an external feedback form into your marketplace. Your users will input their requests/queries into the text box (inserted and customised using JavaScript) and it will be sent directly to your preferred external drive.

Other uses:

  • Adding extra sections onto the homepage i.e. adding a value prop, or more information about your business.

  • Adding labels onto items on your marketplace

  • Enabling a display-only foreign currency converter

  • Changing the “accent” colour of the themes

3) Resources:

You can also watch our YouTube video on custom JavaScript:

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