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Arcadier’s Guide on How to Use Custom Listings

Arcadier’s Guide on How to Use Custom Listings

1) What does the custom listings feature do?

It allows marketplace admins to customise the type of item fields for sellers to fill in during the item upload process. Custom listings is a powerful tool that you can use to allow sellers in your marketplace to show certain important information about the items they are selling.

2) How do I set up custom listings?

  1. Go to the ‘Customize Listing’ button on the admin panel

  2. Click the ‘Add Field’ blue button.

  3. You will be able to add a new custom field by inputting the custom field name, toggling the “Mandatory Field”, and adding the field type (percentage, number, checkbox, etc).

The above picture shows an example of how a custom field is added to make it mandatory for sellers to input the amount of calories, in the form of numbers, on every item that they post.

You may change the position of the custom fields as well by clicking the hamburger icon () of the selected custom field and drag it to your desired position.

3) Field types

To cater to different marketplace types, Arcadier has provided 9 field types:

  • Text field

  • Hyperlink/URL

  • Email

  • Percentage

  • Number

  • Checkbox

  • Dropdown

  • Location

  • Date/Time picker

4) Example use cases

  • As a health food & beverage marketplace admin, you can make it mandatory for all sellers to provide information on the expiry date (date picker) and number of calories (number) for every item that they sell on the marketplace. You can also use the checkbox field type to allow sellers to check labels such as free-range, organic, kosher, gluten free, grass fed, etc.

  • In a marketplace selling textiles, you can make it mandatory for sellers to list the name of the brand (text field) and to provide the material composition [e.g. silk, cotton, polyester, linen] by using the percentage field type.

  • In a mealsharing marketplace, you can make it mandatory for sellers to list their location. The location field type allows sellers to search their location or click on locations that already have legends in Google Maps. Also, use the dropdown field type to have sellers specify the type of cuisine they are serving e.g. Japanese, Chinese, Thai, French, Italian, Fusion, etc.

5) Resources:


You can also watch our YouTube playlist on how to customise listings and use the different field types: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drEsQumBHZY&list=PLkqk1XgcvzNk4c1pQWQSnwa3y-L_qKVB3

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