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Arcadier’s Guide on How to Use the CSS Editor

 How to Use the CSS Editor

1) What is CSS and what can I do with the CSS editor?

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used to create visually engaging web pages and user interfaces for web and mobile applications written in HTML and XHTML.

With the CSS editor on your admin dashboard, you can modify your marketplace colors, layout, fonts and more! The different themes that Arcadier offers are done purely by CSS and JavaScript. With this feature, you can create your own custom theme too.

However, due to the HTML knowledge required to use the CSS editor, we recommend that you only use it if you have adequate technical expertise.

2) Example use cases

  • Customize your existing marketplace theme

  • Override default style settings

  • Hide existing style elements

  • Customize mobile experience

Screen shot custom CSS.jpg

3) Resources:

After reading our article, these are the questions that should pique your interest:
What are the simplest ways to make your site reflect your brand? (e.g. colours palate, font)
What are the best practices out there for beautiful sites that I would want to reflect with my CSS styling?
What are the pages I want to simplify?

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