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  1. What is Customizable Homepage?

Arcadier Marketplace’s customizable homepage allows marketplace admins to customize various visual features of their marketplace to their liking, and to include additional information about their marketplace apart from product categories. These customizations allow for a greater degree of differentiation between marketplaces and are powerful tools for marketplace admins to personalize their sites. Create a unique brand experience for your users by utilizing these tools to make your site more informational and unique. You can access the homepage editor in your admin dashboard.

  1. How it works

Landing page

An aesthetically-pleasing landing page that represents your brand image is important to leave a good first impression of your marketplace to the visitors of your site, and we want to ensure that your visitors get the best possible first impression of your brand.

This is why Arcadier has made it possible for you to upload as many “Hero Images” (main header picture) as you want to your landing page, which will be displayed as an image slider that allows you to click left and right to view the different “Hero Images”. Be sure to utilize this feature fully by uploading multiple high resolution cover images that best portray the personality of your marketplace. You can even take it a step further by removing your search bar if you find that it hinders the view of the Hero Images.



Through the Panel function, you can add an infinite number of panels onto your homepage in order to showcase your marketplace information or value proposition. Using these panels, you can include any additional information or value proposition you want visitors to know about your site apart from the "Hero Image" and categories of products - this can include reviews of happy users, the mission or history of your marketplace, or even a ranking of the top-rated sellers.

To ensure flexibility and variation, there are two types of panel that you can utilize – call-to-action and value proposition panels. Call-to-action panels allows you to input unlimited number of words against a background image chosen by you and comes with an optional call-to-action button, while value proposition panels allow you to add icons, short titles and descriptions (up to 3 of each). The sequence of these panels are entirely up to you as all the panels are rearrangeable between the “Hero Image” and the footer.

Changing accent colour

On top of selecting your marketplace theme, you can now change the accent color of your entire site to one that suits your liking or the image of your marketplace. The colour scheme will be applied to everything in your site to ensure consistency of design, ranging from the background colour of your homepage to the buttons. You can access this function under Layout > Homepage, where you can choose the ‘Call-to-action’ color from a wide range of color palette.


  1. Other enhancements:

Add Social Media Buttons

Connect your marketplace to your social media accounts by utilizing the social media buttons so that your users can stay updated with new developments of your marketplace. Add these buttons to link your marketplace website to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn account. This provides your users with more avenues to understand your business, and perhaps even contribute to your social media marketing.  C:\Users\Jinglan\Downloads\SocialLink.png


Link your homepage to an external site

Our Linking feature allows you to link your homepage to an external site, which can be found at the header of your marketplace site. You can use these external links as an extension of your marketplace, such as linking to a sizing chart page for your clothing marketplace, or linking to a blog dedicated to content marketing for your marketplace. Make your blog page a sub-domain of your marketplace URL and your customers would not even know they have left your marketplace site. You can add up to 5 external links using this feature.



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