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If you’ve been shopping for an online marketplace software and feel that the standard features on offer cannot fulfill your business needs, or you are looking for something more customizable and comprehensive yet still cost-effective, the use of APIs could be the right answer for you.

APIs used to only be available for Arcadier’s Enterprise package customers at a hefty cost. We heard you, and we now have made APIs available to Growth, Scale, and Enterprise packages.

With the use of APIs, you can now have the flexibility to change the user/payment flows in the systems. Thinking of integrating a third party application into your marketplace or building a mobile app? You can achieve all these using APIs.

Discover the benefits of APIs and find the service package that fits your business model.

Reap the benefits of using APIs to build your online marketplace

Once subscribed to Arcadier’s API library, you gain access to all the existing (and new) APIs. That means you do not have to worry paying more for newer APIs in the future.  And your developers can simply build on our existing template and add new applications that are essential to your marketplace.

Arcadier’s APIs are based on RESTful, which uses robust Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) technology as REST leverages less bandwidth, making it more optimal for internet usage. It’s much more efficient — in terms of time, effort and financing — than having to write codes from scratch. Simply put, APIs are essential to developer productivity and modern day application development.

Do note that to use APIs to customize your marketplace, you would need adequate technical expertise. If you have no experience with coding, we suggest you consult with a developer you know, or one of Arcadier’s full-stack developer partners. If you are a developer, you can have access to our API sandbox here and see our API list here.

The right way to grow

We always recommend that you use the package that offers the best value for your business or organization. Choosing the right Arcadier Marketplace package comes down to a few different factors:

·         The marketplace features you need

·         Your goals

·         Your budget

Keep this in mind so you have a reference as you see the features, benefits and pricing of the different packages Arcadier offers.

Your growth is our priority, which is why our packages scale up when the number of transactions on your marketplace increases. With the addition of API access to two of Arcadier’s off-the-shelf DIY packages (Growth & Scale), you can do the following:

  1. Customize the look and feel of your marketplace

  2. Build a mobile application for your marketplace

  3. Integrate external applications to power new features on your site.

This way, you can build rapidly on a template while retaining the flexibility of our APIs.

Our API packages

Growth - US$199/month

Arcadier’s Growth package now comes with API access! We’ve made the same user-friendly marketplace tools and template available to you, with the addition of API level functionality. Examples of functions you can add through the API platform are loyalty point accumulators, retargeting ads, email collection popups, and much more. Go ahead, modify the theme, build a mobile app, and integrate other external apps and make your marketplace truly one of kind.

This package is best suited for entrepreneurs who are just starting out but would like to build an accompanying app or integrate third party apps to enhance their marketplace experience. It’s also the cost-savviest option for most startups and small businesses looking to test their unique marketplace idea which has features that are not already available on Arcadier’s existing retail & goods, rental, and service booking templates.

Unlimited users & storage

No transaction fees

Up to 2,500 transactions in a month

Google Analytics

Email/Digital Support

No advertisement

Custom domain names

Custom code input (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Customizable homepage


Access to Arcadier’s API Platform

API Platform benefits.PNG

Scale - US$399/month

API access has also been made available in the Scale package. You basically get everything that’s in the Growth package, but with a higher monthly transaction ceiling of 10,000. The Scale package is best suited for marketplaces that have reached more than 2,500 transactions a month.

Enterprise - Pricing depends on marketplace specifications

Unlike the off-the-shelf DIY packages mentioned above, the Enterprise package lets you build a completely custom marketplace just as how you envision it. You will work closely with a developer of your choice or one of Arcadier’s development partners to create your marketplace.

Arcadier’s enterprise-grade marketplace platform is multi-tenanted, cloud based, fully hosted, with a higher level of support and dedicated account management. There is no transaction ceiling. Read more about the Enterprise package here.

This package is best suited for established organizations and enterprises who are building a marketplace to complement their business model and boost efficiency in procurement and logistics, among others.

Whether you are just starting out and only need a some additions to your marketplace experience or require an entirely custom build experience, using Arcadier’s APIs will ensure that you can develop your marketplace ideas quickly and with the peace of mind that it’s fully hosted for you.

To find out more or chat with our business development team about your exact needs, contact us at

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