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An Introduction to Free Business Tools to Grow Your Online Marketplace

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Tools for Brand Creatives

Chapter 2: Tools for Creating Marketing Materials

Chapter 3: Free Stock Photos & Photo Editing Tools

Chapter 4: Social Media & Email Management Tools

Chapter 5: Customer Service Tools

Chapter 6: Analytics & SEO Tools

Chapter 7: Productivity, Collaboration, and Team Management Tools


Do you know exactly how much it costs to build an online marketplace platform? Building the site itself from scratch used to cost a fortune, not just in monetary terms but also in terms of time and effort. Building your SaaS marketplace with Arcadier can be completely free, breaking the barriers of entry and even allowing marketplaces to be used for non-commercial purposes such as charity fundraising or community bonding.

Now the question is, how can online marketplace operators keep other costs to a minimum? From creating brand and marketing materials, customer service, measuring the success of your efforts, to managing your team and improving productivity, these components of operating a marketplace has costs associated to them.

Arcadier’s aim is to support all its marketplaces, big or small; so we’ve compiled a list of the best free tools you can use to make your marketplace a success. With the tools in this book, you can manage multiple social media accounts at the same time, generate ideas for content marketing, manage email marketing campaigns to keep your users engaged, and much more.

In case you are new to marketplaces and need a beginner’s guide to managing your online marketplace, do read the following free eBooks first:

Version One’s Marketplace Handbook

This free eBook by Boris Wertz and Angela Tran Kingyens is a short but comprehensive guide on marketplaces. Author Boris Wertz launched Abebooks, an online marketplace for books, way back in 1999. It was sold to Amazon, and Wertz went on to establish Version One Ventures. True to his roots, Wertz understands the importance of marketplaces in the future of ecommerce. The authors compiled insights from working with great marketplaces and wrote about their analysis of the industry.

Get the free eBook here.

PayPal’s Guide on Online Presence, Selling Overseas, and Customer Service

PayPal distributed a great 22-page guide on branding, exporting, and delivering customer service. Highlighting real-life examples that startups and small business can relate to, this book addresses exemplary practices and values that can help you compete with bigger marketplaces.

Download Competing Big while Staying Small here.

We hope you find this guide useful in building and growing your online marketplace.

Warm regards,

Xu Xi & Clarissa
Marketing & Communications Specialists at Arcadier

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