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Optimize your Marketplace Design Goals by Joseph Long

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For the benefit of all of you who want to have a stunningly beautiful marketplace, Joseph Long from Arcadier is here to explain just how much freedom and support we provide to help you achieve your uniquely perfect dream marketplace.

Arcadier strives to provide free reign for each of our users to be creative and imaginative in constructing their marketplace. As such, in addition to a large range of off-the-shelf customisations and templates, there are also tons of other features that allow you to create exactly what you imagine.

Here’s a few of the features which give you free reign to create:

  • One-stop layouts and theme

  • Various templates are available to all of our users, supporting most user ideas for their marketplace.

  • Use these to create a beautiful marketplace with minimal effort

  • Custom Codes

  • Want to add something that we don’t offer?

  • For those who want to take their marketplace a step further, custom codes allow you to create your own personalised designs and features

  • For example, you can change the cropping options in the “Categories section, or even tweak the search function for a more specific search.

  • These unique visuals and specialised features will allow your marketplace to be truly outstanding!

  • Custom Coders:

  • Of course, you don’t have to suffer through the coding yourself.

  • Simply contact the custom coders that Arcadier works with, and they’ll help you achieve your dream marketplace.

What to look out for when designing your marketplace

If you are a design newbie, and are still unsure of how to design a good marketplace, Joseph also gave some insight into the most important design choices, so you’ll know what to pay more attention to.  

Use images that illustrate your marketplace perfectly

The first thing anyone notices in a marketplace are the pictures. So don’t waste them! Pictures and images are a great way to sell your marketplace quickly without using words. People are becoming more and more impatient due to the digitisation of the world, so it is essential that you cut down on the words, and use pictures to sell your ideas.

As the saying  goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Every picture you use is a thousand chances to convince the viewer to join your marketplace.

Aesthetic is key!

Along the idea of using visuals to persuade, having a pleasing visual aesthetic should be a priority when designing your marketplace. Use images that flow with your colour scheme. For example, Arcadier’s default theme creates a clean and minimalistic feel, to mimic a blank canvas that you have free reign over to customise and add a personal touch.

Here’s some additional info: if you have a stock photo you really want to use, but some parts of it just don’t fit with your aesthetic, you can just crop out the part you want to use. Leave the rest of the picture behind and just take what makes your marketplace more attractive.

Utilise everything Arcadier has to offer

Our huge range of features and customisations are at your disposal, so don’t miss out in any of them! Take advantage of all available resources. Experiment with them, and you just might find something amazing that you missed before.

For example, one currently underutilised feature is the variants function in the retail marketplace. If you go to your listing options and click on ‘more options’, you can find this function. The variants feature allows you to list the variants for each listing. For instance, you can list various colours and sizes of a shirt in one listing, instead of having to create separate ones.

Now that you know more about marketplace design, go ahead and start thinking about how you can make your marketplace even better! And if you still need a little more help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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