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Lesson 3: Navigating the Admin Portal (Part 2)

Welcome to Arcadier Marketplaces and congratulations on creating your own marketplace. This is Part 2 of navigating the Administrator Portal on the Arcadier Platform. This video will cover features such as permissions, email notifications, analytics/ SEO, language, settings, plugins etc.

Admin Portal Part 2

In the first part, we looked at various functions of the Administrator portal, from Users to Permissions. Here, we will continue to explore more functions of this same portal, from Permissions to Start Selling.

Let’s get started!


  • Private Marketplace: here, you can choose specific members to have access to your marketplace.
    You have two options:

  • Restricted Access, To All Guest Users: This option only allows registered buyers and sellers access into the marketplace. Guests users would not be allowed to view the content of the marketplace, and would be required to send a request to be approved by the administrator in order to create an account to view the marketplace. 

  • Restricted Access, To Approved Seller Sign Ups: restricts only potential sellers from accessing your marketplace but not buyers. A seller can sell on your marketplace unless they have been approved by you, the marketplace administrator. Sellers can send a request to be vetted and once approved they can login to upload their products.

  • Admin Permissions: you can invite people by email to give them admin access, allowing them to make changes on the admin portal themselves as they help you to manage your marketplace.

  • Admin Activity Log: allows you to view your activity on your marketplace, including login, the pages visited as well as the items created or amended.

  • Merchant Sub-Accounts: allows you to create sub-accounts for your merchants, providing their teams with access to become sub-merchants in order to manage orders, upload and edit items exclusively to that merchant’s store.

Email Notifications: Allows you to customize the different types of automated Emails sent to your Sellers and Buyers. Here, you can configure 2 functions:

  • Email Template: you will be able to customize the email content and html for the notifications sent to your users.
    Note: this feature is still in beta and is only available in English. After you enable this function by clicking “Enable” as shown below, you will see the HTML code which you can customize yourself by clicking the “Edit” button.

  • Mail Log: Here, you can track the email notifications sent out to your users from the marketplace. You can also view individual emails sent or even resend them if needed.

Analytics/SEO: In order to improve search and visit statistics of your page, the following functions are available to you:

  • Marketplace Analytics: you are given the basic features such as toggling between timeframes, as well as simple dashboards reflecting your best product sellers and top viewed items.

  • Google Analytics: you can see how many people have visited your marketplace and where they are from. Link your Tracking ID and Google View ID, and sign in with Google to link your account. 

  • SEO: the Search Engine Optimization or SEO feature allows you to fill in your title and meta description to make your site easier to find on search engines. So when someone searches those keywords on Google, they will find your marketplace.

  • Robots: tells search engine crawlers which pages or files the crawler can or can't request from your site. This is used mainly to avoid overloading your site with requests.

  • Sitemap: copy this link and paste it onto any browser to view your updated Sitemap.

Language: you can add and configure the languages ​​of your Marketplace in this tab. To do this, go to the Language Settings tab, and select one of the 93 available languages ​​from the drop-down list
Note: Arcadier has 16 languages ​​already pre-translated

In addition to choosing a default language, you can choose which language you prefer for different pages of your Marketplace.

The Edit Text tab allows you to manually translate the site as the administrator, where every word and button on the site is editable though this feature. To do this, press the + symbol shown below and you will be able to edit the text of each of those pages.

Finally, you can also pull translations of the languages outside of the given 16 by simply going to the Google Translate tab and pulling the translations from Google Translate by connecting your Google Developers account to your administrator portal. To do so, you need to have registered for a Google Developers account.

Settings: in Settings, you can configure the following information:

  • Account Info: You will be able to see your personal details, your username, marketplace commission rate and the type of currency used

  • Contact Info: you may add your contact number and email

  • Subscription Plan: you can subscribe when your 30 days trial is coming to an end, as well as upgrade to a higher plan should you wish to do so, at any time on this page

  • Subscription History: You will be able to see your payment and subscription invoices

Plug-ins: Arcadier currently boasts a marketplace of plugins that you can add to your marketplace should you wish to do so. If you want to know more about each of them, click “Details”. To install a plugin, simply click the “Install” Button and hit “Refresh”. You will now see your new marketplace plugin as part of your admin interface.

Note: In case you need something a bit more specific to your marketplace needs, you can engage with a developer or an Expert Partner from our Arcadier family to assist with creating a private plugin for you. Simply click “Hire a Developer”. 

Start Selling: allows you to act as a Seller on your own marketplace. You can enjoy the features that are available to all merchants as an admin seller yourself. In the following guide on the Seller Portal you can learn more about these functions.

This concludes the second part of the guide on the Administrator Portal. We hope this guide has been able to help you better understand the Administrator portal. Good luck creating your Marketplace, and remember that if you have any questions, you can consult the Arcadier FAQ at any time.

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