GangHut provides media services specifically to platform economy businesses.

Whether you’re a commercial marketplace or perhaps a blockchain platform preparing for a token sale, we create integrated, tailored media campaigns to market your activity.

But we don’t offer a full range of traditional media agency services, just those our experience has shown us are most relevant to this ecosystem.

We understand the dual nature of a two-sided marketplace, that trust underpins all peer-to-peer transactions, that the ‘new economy’ is a constantly changing landscape and that your communications engagement needs to be thoughtfully and strategically managed. We talk the language of the gig economy, the sharing economy, the platform economy and e-commerce including the world of cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

Partnering with members of the ecosystem’s enablers, such as Arcadier, also allows us to provide our clients with industry knowledge sharing and networking opportunities within our hut, as well as exclusive discounts for our range of services.


10% off the following services;
  • Strategic Communications Plan
  • SEO Audit
  • Brand Audit
  • Social Media Audit

Additional services include PR, Content, PPC and Analytics.


United Kingdom



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