1. Getting Started



Things You Ought to Know Before Building a Marketplace

What comes to mind when you hear the word “marketplace”? Perhaps you would imagine your local market where artisans and farmers come together to sell their goods and



A Guide to an Awesome Marketplace Idea

At the core of every awesome marketplace lies a viable idea. But viability alone does not cut it. Your marketplace needs to solve a tangible problem, which your users cur



4 Simple Ways to Monetise Your Marketplace

Every marketplace needs money to operate. Even if you’re not doing it for a profit, you still need some cash flow to maintain and develop your website. There are many d



Unique Business Models for Your Marketplace

Having covered some of the more conventional methods of monetising your marketplace business in the previous chapter, it is time to explore more unique business models. T



Building Your Marketplace Community

Community is the heart and soul of a marketplace, even though it’s probably not the first thing that comes to people’s heads when starting a marketplace. In the early



How Much Should You Charge?

Back in the late 1990s, Expedia and Travelocity, which were the online travel leaders in Europe, would charge over 30% for certain travel packages. But Booking.com, now o



4 Steps to Start the Validation Process

You probably had an “aha!” moment when coming up with an idea for your marketplace — that moment where everything comes together and you can see clearly where you



Creative Ways to Fund Your Marketplace

Before your big idea can come to life, funding is necessary to take it to the next level. What separates a mere idea from it materialising is the dollars that go into exe



Adopting the Lean Startup Methodology

If you haven’t read about The Lean Startup, you are missing out. The old formula of writing a business plan, pitching it to investors, assembling a team, producing a pr

2. Building Your Platform


GUIDE #10:

What is an MVP and Why is It Important?

Having found the solution to a problem your potential market faces, you need to ensure that your idea, be it a product or service, matches with your target audience. This


GUIDE #11:

Developing the Right MVP for Your Marketplace

The Minimum Viable Product is the minimum feature set of your marketplace that helps you achieve a product/market fit – where there is a big enough market and your MVP


GUIDE #12:

Create a Lasting Impression with Your Communication Str

Part of building your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is knowing how to communicate your core value proposition to new users. You may have the best features and prices to be


GUIDE #13:

The Essentials of an Effective User Experience

Look at any marketplace these days and you will find they all share one thing in common: the search engine. It is apparent the reason why many marketplaces have it on the


GUIDE #14:

How to Design a Reliable Payment Process

Before a transaction is completed on your marketplace, there are various factors at play that could impede or even cut off the entire checkout process. If your marketplac


GUIDE #15:

Designing a Checkout and Review System that Converts

As discussed in the previous chapter — How to Design a Reliable Payment Process — it’s important for you to decide on a payment flow and to know how to manage the f

3. Launching Your Marketplace


GUIDE #16:

Pre-Launch Strategies to Kickstart Your Marketplace

You’re almost there! Months of hard works and endless cups of coffee are about to pay off when you launch your marketplace. So how do you launch effectively? Using the


GUIDE #17:

How to Launch with a Bang

Congratulations! Launching your marketplace can be an exciting affair, but it can also be a dreary event if people do not notice you. In this chapter, we will be discussi


GUIDE #18:

Which Comes First, Supply or Demand?

In the previous chapters, you’ve learned that as a marketplace operator, you’re dealing with two main groups: your customers and providers. After launching your marke


GUIDE #19:

User Acquisition Made Simple

You’ve spent months perfecting your online marketplace and coming up with an awesome game plan for the launching campaign. You wait for users to pour in to check out yo


GUIDE #20:

Compete for Visibility and Emerge on Top

There are about 1,031,500,000 websites online right now, and that number increases every second. Inactive websites aside, how can your marketplace compete with milli


GUIDE #21:

Applying the Growth Hacking Mentality to Your Marketing

There are two essential rules to follow when marketing your startup marketplace. Firstly, a great marketplace is worthless if it isn’t marketed out to the masses. Secon


GUIDE #22:

Owned, Paid, and Earned Media for Viral Marketing

It is the dream of every marketer to spread the word of their brand in the hopes of getting their content to go viral. The term “viral marketing” has been called many


GUIDE #23:

The Key to Successful Visual Marketing for Your Marketp

More often than not, we prioritise building supply for the marketplace to the aesthetic feel the website as we have this preconception that visuals is secondary. Well, yo


GUIDE #24:

Strategies for Growing and Scaling Your Marketplace

You may be satisfied with the community of existing users on your marketplace if you’re running it as a non-profit or for a community organisation. But if you want your


GUIDE #25:

How to make your marketplace COOL?

Cool. This word is being used so often we can’t seem to wrap our head around its definition anymore. Why do we describe a public figure, brand or even a marketplace as


GUIDE #26:

The Smart Entrepreneur’s Guide to Crafting Viral Cont

“How do I get my marketplace startup to go viral? How do I get 100 million views and shares?” Every content creator or startup founder has asked questions along those


GUIDE #27:

Most Effective Marketing Methods for Startups

When Moz Founder Rand Fishkin and HubSpot Founder Dharmesh Shah came together, they breathed life into an online hub that allows the marketer community to discover great

4. Exploring Arcadier's Features

Custom Code

GUIDE #28:

Arcadier’s Guide on How to Use Custom JavaScript

1) What is JavaScript and what does the custom JavaScript feature do?JavaScript is a programming language used by developers to create Web pages. It can create dynamic HT


GUIDE #29:

Arcadier’s Guide on How to Use Generic Payment Proces

1) What is the generic payment feature?It is a feature on your marketplace that allows you to bring your own payment processor, apart from Stripe and PayPal (which are Ar


GUIDE #30:

Arcadier’s Guide on How to Use Language Features

1. What are language features?Arcadier’s language features allow marketplace texts and translations to be changed by marketplace administrators and sellers. The objecti


GUIDE #31:

Arcadier’s Guide on How to Use Custom Listings

1) What does the custom listings feature do?It allows marketplace admins to customise the type of item fields for sellers to fill in during the item upload process. Custo

 How to Use the CSS Editor

GUIDE #32:

Arcadier’s Guide on How to Use the CSS Editor

1) What is CSS and what can I do with the CSS editor?CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used to create visually engaging web pages and user interfaces for web and mobile app

Panel Feature Guide

GUIDE #33:

Arcadier's Landing Page Features Guide

What is Customizable Homepage? Arcadier Marketplace’s customizable homepage allows marketplace admins to customize various visual features of their marketplace to their

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GUIDE #34:

Arcadier’s Guide on How to Obtain Your SSL Certificat

1) What is SSL and why is it important?SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is the industry standard for security technology used by millions of websites in the pro

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GUIDE #35:

Arcadier’s Guide to Admin-Merchant Login

1) What does this feature allow admins to do?Marketplace administrators can now log in as their own sellers that is on the platform. This enables them to upload and edit

Full access to Arcadier APIs, marketplace APIs, Arcadier package

GUIDE #36:

Extend Your Marketplace with APIs

If you’ve been shopping for an online marketplace software and feel that the standard features on offer cannot fulfill your business needs, or you are looking for somet