Stripe is a US technology company operating in over 25 countries that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet.

How Stripe works with Arcadier?

Stripe Connect is pre-integrated into Arcadier Marketplaces. You can select Stripe as your payment gateway option on your Arcadier Marketplace Administrator Portal. Stripe Connect is specifically  designed for marketplaces, it will enable you to take a percentage commission (%)  for every transaction as the Marketplace Administrator before the remaining amount is transferred to your merchant.

What you need to do?

Stripe Connect is fully-integrated and is immediate available to you upon registration of your Arcadier user account. You would however be required to register for a Stripe Account separately on

  1. Register for a Stripe Account on (if you don’t have one)
  2. Immediately receive a Stripe Account ID
  3. Go to your Arcadier Marketplace Admin Portal.
  4. Select Stripe Payments and follow the instructions to connect your Stripe Account to your marketplace.
  5. If you need help, please refer to the Arcadier Help Centre on Stripe Payment Set-up

What's in it for you

Stripe does not offer any special rates for Arcadier users. However if you are doing big volumes, you can contact Stripe Sales Team directly for a special volume pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is Arcadier only integrated with Stripe Connect?

Stripe has many different payment products including Stripe Connect, Stripe Elements, Stripe Subscriptions and Stripe Checkout. Amongst its products,  Stripe Connect was specially designed for Marketplaces, which allows an automated way for Marketplace Administrators be able to take a percentage commission out of each transaction before it goes to the merchant on their marketplace.

Do my Merchants also need a Stripe Account for Stripe Connect?

For Stripe Connect to be able to automatically split the commission paid to you and the remaining amount to the merchants, would mean that the merchants would have to also register for their own Stripe Account on

Afterwhich, they would able to link their Stripe Account to your marketplace on the Arcadier Merchant Portal for your marketplace/

Do buyers who come to my marketplace require a Stripe Account?

No, buyers do not need a Stripe Account. They will only need their credit card or debit cards to pay like on any ecommerce website.

How do I know if Stripe works in my country?

Stripe is continually growing to new markets. Please refer to Stripe's website for the list of markets they are available in: 

If you market is listed and not termed "Preview" or "Beta", that would mean you can use Stripe Connect on Arcadier Marketplaces.

What are Stripe's fees charges like?

Stripe payment fees differ from country to country. Do check your local webpages to see the fees that are applicable to you.

Can Arcadier Custom Payment Feature support all Stripe Products?

To learn more about Arcadier Custom Payment Feature, click here.

What if I like to integrate other Stripe payments to my marketplace instead?

You may utilise any of Stripe payments products on your marketplace. However, you will have to engage an Arcadier Expert Partner or your own developer to do so using the "Custom Payment Feature" in your payment page. Do remember to turn off the default Stripe Connect integration because you do so to avoid confusion.

To learn more about Arcadier Custom Payment Feature, click here.

What if I want all payments to come to the Marketplace Administrator and then for the Administrator to pay out to the Merchants later?

That would be possible if you as the Marketplace Administrator would like to be the "Merchant-on-Record", where all the funds go to you as the Administrator and for you to make manual payments to your merchants.  To do that, you would be required to use the Stripe Checkout product which is not pre-integrated with Arcadier. You will need to engage an Arcadier Expert Partner to utilise Arcadier's Custom Payment feature to integrate into Stripe Checkout.

Please do note that if you like to have all the payments flow to you as the Marketplace Administrator, you will need to do manual payouts to your merchant's bank account yourself thereafter.

What do I need to take note of when integrating other Stripe Products ?

To learn more about Arcadier Custom Payment Feature, click here.

Have a look at our Github for Sample Integration: 

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