Tripartie is trusted third party that manages both payments and disputes of your platform.

How Tripartie works with Arcadier?

Tripartie is currently not pre-integrated into Arcadier Marketplaces. However, you can utilise the Custom Payment feature to integrate Tripartie to your marketplace. You may bring your own developer or engage one of Arcadier's Expert Partners to help you with the integration.

What you need to do?

Tripartie’s innovative dispute resolution procedure requires no assistance and does not involve any additional costs. Users can accept payments and automate user disputes litigation with Tripartie’s white-label API.

For any enquiries and product updates, please visit

What's in it for you?

Arcadier customers benefit from a 50% discount on white label set-up fees! To activate this perk, email us at (with in CC).

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