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Arcadier Patch Notes 2017 > Patch Notes for April

Features Updates

Patches for April 2017

• Fixed an issue with PayPal account connection.

• Fixed a display issue in the calendar for item details page.

• Fixed search issue for Bespoke template.

• Fixed an issue of not receiving Seller and Buyer invite EDM.

• Fixed minor display issue for map.

• Fixed an issue of inability to search items outside 100km radius (TIME template).

• Fixed admin onboarding redirection.

• Fixed an issue of not showing all purchased items on purchase history page.

• Fixed merchant access for private marketplace.

• Fixed consumer access for private marketplace.

• Fixed the issue of inability to book, for weekly or monthly intervals, items that are not operating 24/7.

• Fixed merchant display image for onboarding.

• Fixed minor display issue of price range and filter options in search results pages.

• Fixed a bug that would cause the system to not send invoice for subscription.

• Fixed a bug that would prevent user from deleting add-ons successfully.

• Fixed a bug that prevents admin from linking Google Analytics.

• Fixed a minor display issue for service duration in service upload/edit page.

• Fixed a minor display issue in the user settings pages.

• Fixed the add button in Address tab in the merchant settings.

• Fixed minor display issue of cover image not reflecting in marketplace homepage.

• Fixed a minor display issue for FAQs, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy in Admin portal.

• Fixed a display issue for EDMs.

• Fixed a bug that would prevent users from deleting delivery & pick up methods successfully.

• Fixed buyer invite EDM wordings.

• Fixed bug where add-ons do not appear in offer creation within Service-Theme 1.

• Fixed calculation error of merchant booking details, item details calendar and consumer purchase history that missed a day.

• Fixed a UX issue of charging twice when admin clicks pay now twice for subscription.

• Fixed display issue triggered when freemium subscriber goes over the transaction limit.

• Fixed a bug that prevents status change from being reflected in order list page.

• Fixed a display issue of Admin inability to scroll in add category pop-up.

• Fixed a bug that prevents first payment method added from being automatically set to mandatory.

• Fixed a bug that prevents modified addresses from being reflected in item details and chat details page.

• Fixed display image of first chat message not showing properly.

• Fixed pending status not showing in chat inbox.

• Fixed mobile display issue for end time not showing upon selecting number of hours/days/weeks/minutes/months.

• Fixed the number of successful orders not showing in merchant store front.

• Fixed sorting issue.

• Fixed long description not being truncated in cart page.

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