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Arcadier Patch Notes 2017 > Patch Notes for May

Features Updates

Patches for May 2017

• Fixed an image caching issue.

• Fixed a display issue for variants in the shopping cart.

• Fixed a minor dashboard display issue for mobile devices.

• Fixed a scrolling issue when choosing delivery method on a mobile devices.

• Fixed the item rating display on the item details page.

• Fixed an alignment issue on the home page for theme 3.

• Fixed a minor bug that caused the delivery methods to sometimes not show correctly.

• Fixed an issue with the filter display on the search results page.

• Fixed a minor display issue in the footer of the site.

• Fixed a mobile display bug that caused the order history to not display correctly.

• Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause an invited buyer to not show in the “Registered Buyer” list.

• Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause status changes to not send an EDM to the buyer.

• Fixed a mobile display issue caused by Ads.

• Fixed a mobile display issue on the private login page.

• Fixed a mobile display issue when leaving feedback on purchased items.

• Fixed a minor mobile bug that affect the image upload page.

• Fixed a minor bug that would sometimes cause a booking to not display in the calendar.

• Fixed a visual bug on the chat page for services.

• Fixed a bug that would cause the linked credit card to not show after successfully linking it.

• Added a few missing translations in the Admin portal.

• Fixed a bug that would cause the inbox offer status to not update after a few offer have been made.

• Fixed a minor bug that would cause the image upload UI to become unresponsive on a mobile device.

• Added missing translations to the “Shipped” email notification.

• Fixed a bug that would sometime cause the chat offer email notifications to not send.

• Fixed a scrolling issue for language select.

• Fixed a bug that caused add-ons to not show correctly in purchase history.

• Fixed a bug on the chat page that would sometimes display the wrong toast notification when sending messages.

• Fixed minor design issue on the chat page.

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