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Arcadier Patch Notes 2017 > Patch Notes for October

Features Updates

Patches for October 2017

• Fixed an incorrect date format on the customer purchase history page, and admin transactions page.
• Fixed a stocking issue on the merchant store front page.
• Fixed a display issue affecting the “Top Viewed” graph in theme 1 and theme 3 of the bespoke/retail template.
• Fixed a bug affecting the merchant dashboard information.
• Fixed a bug affecting block-out dates for non-24/7 listings.
• Fixed a display bug affecting star ratings on the search results page and purchase history page.
• Fixed a bug causing some marketplace subscription notification emails to not show the Arcadier logo.
• Fixed a bug causing the chat offer feature to not show correctly for some users.
• Fixed an issue that caused the re-sent seller invite on a private marketplace to not work correctly.
• Added some missing translations to the order confirmation email.
• Added some missing translations to the new order notification email.
• Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the category dropdown menu to not load completely.
• Fixed the “Go to my admin portal” link in the failed subscription payment notification email.
• Fixed a bug that would allow users to send chat messages before the channel loaded.
• Fixed an intermittent bug that would sometimes cause the star rating to reset during the ‘Leave Feedback” process forcing the user to reselect the star rating.
• Fixed a display issue on the on-boarding flow for our Exhibit template.
• Fixed the time stamp for COD orders affecting a few different pages.
• Added a missing custom translation to the “edit text” feature in the admin portal.
• Cleaned up a few extra strings of text in the ‘edit text’ page on the admin portal.
• Fixed an issue that was causing the status change notification popup to close too quickly for the merchant to be able to read its contents.
• Fixed a display issue that occurs on the “Thank You” page after the user does a checkout on a COD order.
• Fixed an issue that was causing some failed transactions to show in the transactions list for the admin.
• Added a few missing translations on the “Service Details” page.
• Fixed a few bugs affecting the layout page for service bookings with theme 2 selected.
• Fixed a minor display issue on the admin “Transactions” page.
• Added the missing logo for PayPal.
• Fixed a display issue affecting mobile devices when viewing the “More” dropdown in the website header.
• Fixed an alignment issue affecting the user dropdown on mobile devices.

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