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Arcadier Patch Notes 2017 > Patch Notes for September

Features Updates

Patches for September 2017

• Removed the requirement to leave a comment/review when rating a purchased product.

• Fixed a bug related to variant item images.

• Fixed a bug affecting variant prices.

• Fixed a bug causing the user address to sometimes not save correctly.

• Fixed a translation issue affecting some custom fields.

• Fixed a bug that caused the monthly and weekly calendar views to display incorrectly.

• Fixed a minor merchant display issue affecting mobile users.

• Fixed a bug on the chat details page that affected the address display.

• Fixed a bug causing the marketplace logo to sometimes not display in notification emails.

• Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the merchants welcome notification email to not send once they on-board.

• Fixed a translation bug affecting the “motto” text on the private login page.

• Fixed a bug causing the item review notification email to sometimes not send.

• Fixed a few issues causing the “from” email in certain email notifications to display incorrectly.

• Added a few missing email notifications to the “Edit Text” section in the admin portal.

• Fixed a few general translation issues across the system.

• Fixed a bug affecting the maximum characters for the banner on the home page.

• Fixed a bug affecting subscription upgrades.

• Fixed an incorrect toaster message that’s shown to the admin when they try to login as a merchant.

• Fixed an “Edit Text” issue affecting mobile only translations.

• Fixed a display issue affecting the chat page.

• Fixed an issue causing the shopping cart button to sometimes appear when it shouldn’t.

• Fixed an issue affecting the item visibility toggle on the merchant item list page.

• Fixed a chat display issue affecting mobile devices only.

• Fixed a minor display issue affecting the search results page in theme 3.

• Fixed a few erroneous toaster messages throughout the system.

• Fixed a bug affecting delivery method currency.

• Fixed a minor display issue affecting the search results page in theme 3.

• Added the chat page and inbox page to the “Edit Text” section of the admin portal translations feature for the retail template.

Patch Notes

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