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Arcadier Patch Notes 2018 > Patch Notes for November

Features Updates

Patches for November 2018

• Fixed a bug causing the “Add-ons” text to show even when there are no add-ons.

• Fixed the map display on seller and buyer purchase history details page.

• Fixed the user image for both buyers and sellers after they on-board.

• Fixed a bug that broke the sorting of item custom fields.

• Fixed a display issue affecting the add-to-cart popup on some mobile devices.

• Fixed a few broken translations on the service details page.

• Fixed the Omise payment setup in the seller settings page.

• Fixed a bug related to Stripe when linking the payment in the seller on-boarding page.

• Fixed the sorting of categories.

• Fixed some wording issues on the subscriptions page.

• Fixed the price filter on the search results page.

• Fixed a display issue affecting the admin portal dashboard.

• Fixed a minor display issue affecting the admin portal mail logs.

• Fixed an intermediate error on the subscriptions page.

• Fixed an issue that would sometimes show an incorrect error message upon on-boarding as a seller.

• Fixed the delivery address display on the purchase details page.

• Fixed a bug affecting the layout page when certain fields were left blank.

• Fixed an incorrect delete prompt message affecting value proposition panels.

• Fixed a multiple display issues affecting mobile displays.

• Fixed an intermittent bug affecting the 'browse image' button on item/service upload.

• Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause edited custom fields to not save.

• Fixed the search text box on the inbox, and purchase history pages.

• Fixed a bug that stopped sub-merchants from accessing chat.

• Fixed the cart count display on the cart page and item details page.

• Fixed a display issue that would sometimes cause custom field labels to overlap an embedded video.

• Fixed an unresponsive information button on the email customisation page.

• Fixed an issue affecting messaging when a service had a delivery/pickup option attached.

• Fixed the save button on the about us page.

• Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the merchant storefront to not pull all items.

• Fixed the display of delivery/pickup info on the review page.

• Fixed the cropped layout on the private marketplace page.

• Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the admin mail log to not show.

• Fixed a bug on theme 4 that sometimes caused the seller image and name to overlap the service details.

• Added some pages that were not being logged in the admin activity log.

• Added some missing validation to the service duration field.

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