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Arcadier Patch Notes 2019 > Patch Notes for April

Features Updates

Patches for April 2019

• Fixed a display issue affecting the item review section where the merchant name overlaps the date/time stamp in the merchant reply box.

• Fixed a bug causing the address fields in the user page on the admin portal to be misaligned.

• Fixed the time stamps on the admins activity log page.

• Fixed an incorrect label on the merchant waiting list popup.

• Fixed the welcome email.

• Fixed the bulk delivery and discount display in the admin portal.

• Fixed the predictive text for location search on the homepage.

• Fixed a http issue related to the external links.

• Fixed the review EDM so that it only sends for ongoing/past bookings.

• Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the PDF file to not upload.

• Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause custom fields to lose their values.

• Fixed the popup on the layout page which would sometime show even if no changes were made.

• Fixed the search box and sort dropdown elements on the merchant storefront page.

• Removed the mandatory validation from the value proposition panel’s description field.

• Fixed a bug causing the activity log to not correctly record the logout time of admins who login using a Google/Facebook account.

• Fixed the URL on the home page once a user logs in.

• Fixed the bug causing the home page banner to be cropped after upload.

• Fixed the case sensitive call to action button URL.

• Fixed the filter in the admin custom fields list.

• Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the URL/Hyperlink mandatory custom field to not show.

• Fixed the checkbox and dropdown custom field sorting.

• Fixed some minor validation on the admin edit text page.

• Fixed a bug that caused the value propositions to not center on the homepage.

• Added a missing value from the “Sort by” dropdown on the storefront page affecting theme 4 only.

• Fixed the returns policy toggle.

• Fixed a bug affecting the category breadcrumbs.

• Fixed the ordering of saved addresses.

• Fixed the FAQ display affecting theme 4.

• Fixed the display of large numbers containing commas.

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