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Arcadier Patch Notes 2019 > Patch Notes for November

Features Updates

Patches for November 2019

- Fixed an issue about wrong display of Categories in custom field list page
- Fixed an issue of newly added Categories not linked to old custom fields with 'All Categories'
- Fixed an issue with modified text in Received Order/Order Confirmation EDM not displaying
- Fixed an issue of Payment Method missing after linking Stripe account in seller onboarding page
- Fixed the unresponsive buttons in Layout from the Admin portal
- Fixed the non-working maximum booking when checking out service
- Fixed an issue of added delivery address are not displaying in Checkout review page
- Fixed an issue with decimal numbers not displaying on Delivery Price
- Fixed a server error prompt after clicking 'Sign Up' when onboarding
- Fixed an issue of number of marketplace visits not reflecting on the Total Visits
- Fixed an issue from the Account Info page, incorrect date displayed when cancelling a subscription
- Fixed the issue with not able to Search using Order ID
- Fixed the 'SERVER ERROR' issue where-in Questions are missing after clicking translate button
- Fixed an issue of incorrect display of item price (Item with variants) on Admin Item List
- Fixed the issue of the Sub-Admin missing Categories in Category Filter
- Fixed an issue of no Email Logs of new message from Buyer and Seller
- Fixed issue in mobile of not responsive 'Add delivery option' button
- Fixed issue of Max Booking duration not validating
- Fixed an issue of extra characters displayed on Delivery price from Order Details
- Fixed an issue of wrong re-direction of "Back" button from chat details
- Fixed the unresponsive "View Orders" button from received email order notification
- Fixed an issue Invoice No and ID displaying lowercase letters
- Fixed an issue of Star ratings being highlighted for services without ratings
- Fixed a broken display of Purchase Details in mobile
- Fixed the unresponsive "Add" button when adding from Delivery Service

Patch Notes

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