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Arcadier Patch Notes 2019 > Patch Notes for September

Patches for September 2019

- Fixed an issue where Admin main and sub-accounts were not sharing delivery methods created in Delivery 2.0 settings

- Fixed an uncommon issue where button seems unresponsive when Merchant sends a new offer after the previous offer was rejected.

- Fixed an issue in the custom fields category filter display when editing custom fields; will now display “All categories” instead of every category

- Fixed an intermittent issue on older marketplaces where editing custom fields page ends up freezing

- Fixed translation issue for “YOUR ITEMS” in the Merchant item list page

- Fixed chat status being set to “Enquiry” instead of “Accepted” when Consumer sends a new message on an accepted offer

- Fixed an issue where no email notification is sent out for items ready for pick-up after the admin customised the email

- Fixed an issue for location searching marketplaces, blank searches will now display all items

- Fixed an issue for Arabic Language that translates the date-time filter, causing an input error

- Fixed translation issue for emails sent out when a new Consumer or Merchant registers on the marketplace

- Fixed various desktop web display issues across templates and themes

- Fixed various mobile display issues across templates and themes