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Arcadier Patch Notes 2020 > Patch Notes for April

Patches for April 2020

Bug fixes:

-fixed the Server Error that occurs when clicking a transaction in Admin Transaction Details of items with Pick-up delivery method

-fixed an issue from the Merchant Settings page, where "&amp" is displayed in Timezone dropdown selection

-fixed an issue of Note to Merchant not reflecting in Bookings Details page and Purchase Details page

-fixed an issue that displays 'Invalid Date' and 'NaN' when searching by date from homepage

-fixed an issue of incorrect timestamp in Admin Transaction list

-fixed an issue where  Sub-Merchant is able to see other Merchants item, when "Restrict seller's visibility to own items" is toggled to "YES"

-fixed the toaster message displayed when toggling the button for a payment method from the Admin Payment set-up page

-fixed an issue of duration not displayed in Order Shipped EDM for the disabled email customization

-fixed an issue of missing display name on header in Chat Details page

-fixed the display issue of View Details button in Chat Details page

-fixed an issue from a Subscription EDM, where Plan Total to display Amount only

-fixed an issue from Checkout Pay page, user cannot check-out using Stripe when the Item category commission is zero (0)

-fixed the Server Error prompted when re-selecting previous saved language in FAQ Edit Text page

-fixed an issue where a transaction disappears from Purchase List upon unsuccessful check-out using Custom Payment

-fixed an issue of missing Booked Date in "Month" Calendar from Service Details page

-fixed the server error upon checkout of items from a disabled Seller and deleted item

-fixed the overlapping of Text Editor dropdown with header in the Merchant Add Item page for Android/IOS users

-fixed an issue of spaces in-between language choices from the Language dropdown for Android/IOS users

-fixed an issue of Buyer name displayed on delivery address section from Order Details page

-fixed an issue of decimal places value of Quantity from New Order and Received Order EDM

-fixed an issue of an error message displayed when checking out maximum number of items quantity and stocks being decremented for unsuccessful checkouts

-fixed an issue Offline payment method displayed for non-API templates