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Arcadier Patch Notes 2020 > Patch Notes for January

Patches for January 2020

Bug fixes:

-fixed an issue New Order EDM is not received by the Merchant upon successful checkout of a Buyer

-fixed an issue of the Search Result page not displaying properly

-fixed an issue Received Order EDM is not received upon successful checkout by the Buyer

-fixed an issue with Custom Code - Footer displayed in marketplace with BASIC package

-fixed the issue of unable to display delivery method for some countries during Review Checkout

-fixed an issue with the Admin Item list page, displaying Total finite stock even though it is set to unlimited

-fixed an issue where a Merchant can onboard even if payment method is skipped

-fixed the missing validation message for compulsory Payment Method

-fixed an issue from Item Details, where user can still Add to Cart when no variant is selected

-fixed an issue from Seller Settings page, cannot add delivery options

-fixed the issue of State not displaying in Shipping address in Admin Transaction Details

-fixed incorrect display of Add Items Now button from Start Selling EDM

-fixed an issue from Item Details, 'Show More' and 'Show Less' label not changing after selecting language from English to French

-fixed an issue from Purchase History list not displaying Total Price

-fixed an issue of server error displayed upon changing the language on Admin Edit Text page

-fixed the issue of missing unit in Weight custom field from Item Details page

-fixed the unresponsive page issue after editing a Category/sub-Category

-fixed the issue where-in the system displays multiple records of unit, depending on how many times the Admin clicks Save button

-fixed an issue with the Seller Invite EDM, where user can use EDM token multiple times

-fixed issue of Weight not displaying in the Add Item page when selecting an old and new category

-fixed issue from Search Results page, where Hamburger menu is not working

-fixed issue with no toaster message for an already used token

-fixed issue from Merchant Activity log, Start and End Date Time is not in User's Local time

-fixed issue with Bookings List page, system displays 'null' as currency.

-fixed issue of incorrect user count displayed when filtering Consumers, Admin portal User Mgmt

-fixed display issue of Upload Now button to 'Add Now'

-fixed wrong status display from Inbox, when Merchant have a Pending offer to the Buyer

-fixed an issue from the Purchase History page missing Payment method column

-fixed issue with Footer display in user pages

-fixed issue with Bulk Pricing not saving and not reflecting on Item Details page and Inventory page

-fixed the issue with access of newly onboarded marketplace Admin and User homepage