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Arcadier Patch Notes 2020 > Patch Notes for June

Patches for June 2020

    fixed a bug in the  Activity Log, missing date-picker

      fixed a bug in the Admin Getting started page displaying extra characters on the bottom of page

      fixed a bug in the Admin Item list and User list missing date-picker

      fixed a bug in the Service Details page date picker not displaying when availability schedule is not 24/7

      fixed a bug displaying extra characters on the View Cart button

      fixed a bug in Edit Service page, postal code empty after editing an item

      fixed a bug in the Homepage missing "View all Services" text label

      fixed a bug in the Order Acknowledged EDM displaying incorrect Payment Option

      fixed a bug in the Order List of Seller, purchases is not displayed

      fixed a bug with the image cropper display issue

      fixed a bug with the Inbox page not displaying chat threads

      fixed a bug in the Add/Edit Service page, Add Now button not working

      fixed an issue with Add Pick-up button in Add/Edit Delivery page not working

      fixed a bug in the Item Upload page, user is unable to proceed on next tab upon clicking "Next" button in Schedule tab

      fixed a bug in the Add/Edit Delivery page displaying  an extra field

      fixed a bug in the Booking List page not displaying OLd and New bookings

      fixed the white page display issue upon redirecting to Add/Edit page

      fixed a bug with missing purchase order in Order List, after guest login his account

      fixed a bug Order Acknowledged EDM is not received because of wrong Order Status

      fixed a bug displaying Delete button in wrong location

      fixed a bug displaying Close button for image viewer in wrong location in the Item Details page

      fixed a bug in Order Shipped EDM displaying incorrect Subtotal

      fixed a bug in the Admin portal, user is already on second page after clicking Waiting List on sidebar menu

      fixed a bug from the Admin subscription, package displaying extra spaces

      fixed a bug from the Checkout Review page displaying the wrong error message for a disabled item

      fixed a bug from Register page not validating password with less than 6 characters

      fixed a bug from the Homepage user dropdown avatar in header is missing for newly onboarded user

      fixed a bug from the Admin Transaction List and Details not displaying "Refunded" status

      fixed a bug with the Email Customisation enabled, Welcome Mail and Acknowledged Order EDM not received

      fixed a bug of empty Invoice CSV and Order CSV when filtered by Payment Status and Order Status

      fixed a bug with the Admin's added Delivery Details display are incomplete when viewed in Seller's Delivery Settings

      fixed a label issue of "Upload Now" instead of "Add Now", from the Service Add/Edit page

      fixed a bug that allows user to delete all saved address if there is more than one saved address

      fixed a Custom Payment broken image display from Admin Payment &  Transactions

      fixed a bug that does not display a Consumers message in the chat thread

      fixed a bug that does not auto translate the words "Timestamp" and "QTY"

      fixed a bug from Seller's page missing "Delivery" field for translation of Delivery tab

      fixed a bug that displays ";" on the Consumer Purchase page

      fixed a bug with the modified translation for "Delivery" header

      fixed a bug on Edit Item Upload page, system does not save uploaded PDF when editing ang item

      fixed the view button display issue upon click in Mail Logs

      fixed the bug with sorting of Announcement & Notice not displayed as "Latest to Oldest"

      fixed a bug in Waiting List page, user is unable to filter Interested and Invited users

      fixed a bug with the Contact Seller button, unable to send message from Seller to Seller

      fixed a bug displaying incorrect list of statuses on Order List page

      fixed a bug with sorting of Categories, Latest Listing and other panels not working

      fixed the issue of mixed filtered dates when downloading Transaction History

      fixed a bug that displays wrong Timestamp in Order Details page

      fixed a bug that lists Ongoing service on Upcoming Booking List page

      fixed a bug with Checkout Review page, selected delivery is not highlighted