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Arcadier Patch Notes 2020 > Patch Notes for March

Patches for March 2020

Bug fixes:

-fixed an issue of mobile device users scrolling on the Delivery Method pop-up window

-fixed the issue of sequence dragging custom fields

-fixed the broken alignment from Category, because of too many subcategories

-fixed the redirection issue after linking a payment (Stripe) during merchant onboarding process

-fixed an issue of cart display error in Purchase Details page using Theme 3

-fixed an issue of the system not locating address on the map displayed in the Purchase History Details

-fixed an issue of Review stars not displayed in some items from search result page

-fixed the translation issue of some words in Login page, after selecting a language from the drop-down list

-fixed an issue of system not validating an invalid URL from Layout

-fixed an issue of the 'Select Address' button being translated back of English

-fixed the display issue from User Settings page when using Omise payment method

-fixed an issue where user is redirected to the Profile page and not in Payment Acceptance page (mobile) after re/linking Paypal and Stripe

-fixed an issue with Return policy not saving

-fixed an issue from Purchase History Details missing currency symbol

-fixed an issue with Order status 'Decline' changing to 'Enquiry' after a message is sent to the merchant

-fixed an issue of intermittent display issue of timestamp in merchant Booking Details page

-fixed an issue of missing timestamp when checking-out a service using Omise

-fixed an issue of missing Created status from drop-down

-fixed an issue of Category not displaying the modified translation

-fixed an intermittent issue of no sub account EDM invite not being received

-fixed an issue of Price range display issue

-fixed an issue with the system returning the Admin to page one upon updating the toggle button on Purchasable column

-fixed an issue with wrong validation of favicon when empty from Admin Content Mgmt > General

-fixed the pagination issue on Admin Mail logs

-fixed an issue of displaying the latest chat bubble that is truncated when using Firefox browser