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06 Oct 2016

Arcadier Launches Do-It-Yourself Marketplace Technology

The first Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS) company in Asia makes building a marketplace easy.

Singapore - July 2016: Arcadier is pleased to present the world Arcadier Marketplaces, which launches officially on the 1st of July 2016. Anyone with a marketplace concept may now bring their idea into reality through a simple step-by-step process. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, established business, or a community such as a school, club or association, Arcadier Marketplaces provides an off-the-shelf solution for a better way of connecting buyers and sellers. It also bridges technical knowledge gaps and reduces cost barriers, when building a marketplace.

To enable commerce between buyers and sellers across the globe, Arcadier Marketplaces enables transactions in 139 currencies, with more planned. In addition, multi-language capability will be available soon, alongside other features an online marketplace will require to scale.

In celebration of launching Arcadier Marketplaces, this service is free of charge for the next three months. After which, a monthly subscription of US$99 applies. This is significantly less costly than building an online marketplace from scratch, and continually operating one.

Currently, eCommerce is experiencing a shift in behaviour, because it has become too hard for buyers and sellers to find each other. Arcadier believes this problem naturally leads the world to the next generation of eCommerce - online marketplaces. Through online marketplaces, buyers and sellers can more easily find, communicate and transact with each other.

Dinuke Ranasinghe, Chief Executive Officer of Arcadier takes this notion a step further, “Imagine an online marketplace where design students sell their creations; everyone learns about emerging designers and students generate income.  Maybe a marketplace for would-be renovators sourcing supplies from other would-be renovators?  How about a marketplace for a, charity or B2B one for plumbers?  Marketplace ideas are limitless and through Arcadier Marketplaces we ignite entrepreneurial spirit and the idea of community”.

Having designed customised marketplaces for established enterprises since 2013, Arcadier has built B2B, B2C and C2C marketplace platforms internationally, including those in the fast-expanding Southeast Asian, Latin American and Chinese markets.

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