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02 Oct 2019

Arcadier launches new Arcadier Enterprise branded website and targets North America market through the B2B Next 2019 conference in Chicago, USA

  • New Arcadier Enterprise brand and website showcases Arcadier’s range of enterprise-grade marketplace technology offerings with a proposition geared towards equipping larger corporations with the benefits of utilising marketplaces in their digital transformation.

  • The Arcadier Enterprise team rolls out this new proposition by exhibiting in Chicago at the B2B Next Conference to engage  B2B executives with actionable plans to win the ecommerce race.

  • This move sees Arcadier broadening its marketplace technology proposition to serve both the DIY as well as the enterprise spaces.

SINGAPORE / LAS VEGAS, 2nd October 2019: Global do-it-yourself marketplace builder Arcadier has launched a new Arcadier Enterprise branded website solely to provide businesses greater access to details on the Enterprise grade offerings now available on Arcadier. This move is aligned with growing global market demands for marketplace technology by multinational companies (MNCs) and small medium business (SMBs) alike. Arcadier Enterprise will enable organisations to develop on a proven technology platform with the benefit of business workflows, high volume scalability and high security capabilities. Depending on the digital transformation enterprises seek, Arcadier Enterprise supports large retailers, multi-brand owners, wholesalers and manufacturers to build B2C platforms to directly engage end customers or B2B marketplaces focused on selling in bulk to other businesses.

Kenneth Low, Chief Commercial Officer of Arcadier added: “Our core demographic has always been newer businesses that have wanted to experiment with a marketplace play as the primary business model. With our enterprise offering, we broaden our customer base to include existing businesses that want to add a marketplace proposition to their existing business offering or to grow a new sales channel. Quite often they do not have the capability to develop and maintain marketplace technology in-house, and this requires them to seek trusted technology platform providers like us to support their development and deployment. Arcadier’s track record in the area of marketplace technology coupled with the development of enterprise-grade capabilities in the Arcadier Enterprise offering will resonate well with this segment of the market.” Low added.

Figure 1: The new enterprise landing page on

Arcadier’s Enterprise team is also currently exhibiting at B2B Next, an exhibition that brings together B2B software providers to offer transformative digital eCommerce solutions to North American corporations seeking solutions that can support their digital strategies. “We have observed the increase in demand for marketplace technology as more businesses in the region want to create their own branded marketplaces as a way to bolster sales channels and at the same time retain their relationships with their customers.” Said June Boo, General Manager, North America & Head of Group Strategy. “Participating in this exhibition positions Arcadier Enterprise as a serious contender in the North American eCommerce space. We also plan to double our Enterprise business development team in the region to engage and respond to customers better.” Boo added.

Figure 2: Sharing about Arcadier Enterprise at B2BNext Conference and Exhibition

B2B Next is the second North American show that Arcadier is participating in this year, and the company continues to be fully invested in expanding their North American presence as marketplaces continue to evolve in the continent from a B2C experience to one that is deeply intertwined with purchasing experiences everywhere, including the B2B space.



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Arcadier is the world’s fastest-growing marketplace builder and is the recognized global leader of multi-vendor marketplace technology with users from more than 170 countries. Founded in 2013 in Singapore by senior PayPal executives, Arcadier enables enterprises, SMBs, communities and start-ups to build their white-labelled marketplaces efficiently and cost effectively. Arcadier’s platform supports various eCommerce models in B2B, B2C, P2P, eProcurement, Service & Rental, and Sharing Economy marketplace ideas cross industry verticals such as retail, consumer goods, commodities, industrial and services.


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